It appears President Obama and his administration have embarked on an aggressive campaign to bully weak world leaders into jumping on the bogus man made climate change bandwagon. He has recently convinced several major corporations to jump on board, with over 73 companies at last estimate, if I’m not mistaken, committing to do their part in reducing carbon footprints,etc.


This  appears to be  an effort to use this nations economic power to force weak world leaders and nations to support his climate change agenda, and to ultimately use that as the spring board to accomplish even broader goals which I’m convinced will be supportive of the implementation of a socialist and or liberal fascist agenda which will essentially destroy most American freedoms, freedom of speech and religious freedom, etc. It appears to be a movement and agenda that will literally force American citizens and citizens of other nations to bow to his will and plans, no matter what they may be, or how perverse those plans may be.


Getting major companies to jump on board with his plans may be a major part in successfully forcing weak world leaders and other nations to reluctantly get on board.


Having the character and courage to swim against the perverse, destructive current, of radical social and societal change and reform, and having the foresight and acute perception to see through the destructive, covert schemes, of powerful world leaders, are very important qualities for leadership, in these very deceptive and dangerous times in my opinion.


To insure the survival of societies and nations both physically,spiritually and nationally. Something I believe most world leaders and politicians are sorely lacking, with the exception of a few.


As I have written in previous articles this President plans ahead with the subtle implementation of pieces of his plan, a piece here, a piece there, until he has eventually put all the pieces of his destructive agenda together.


And his successful efforts to get over seventy major companies to sign on, many of those companies which are led by sexually perverse men and women, men and women who are led and governed by their greed and lust, virtually insured his success.


Many of them may stand to benefit financially and or immorally in terms of the radical social changes and environmental changes that will follow. Many of the social changes the heads of these corporations love, long for and embrace. So they are more than happy to sign on.


But what most of them are too blind to see is, it’s going to ultimately cost them physically, spiritually and nationally in ways they are not willing to pay at all. That’s why it’s important that men and women who are led and governed by their perverse sexual desires and greed, are never allowed to be in positions of leadership, because it blinds them and dulls their sense of sound judgment and reason.


And drives them to put their perverse sexual desires and greed above everything else in terms of importance, to the detriment of all. Because they put their destructive perverse sexual desires  and greed above the well being of most others.


What these world leaders should do is confer with independent climate scientist who don’t have a financial interest to argue in favor of the bogus theory as most government funded climate scientist do.


To find out the truth in terms of what’s really happening with the climate. And they will clearly see that the man made climate change threat is completely bogus. And if it is false then everything this President is saying is false.


And that should make any world leader seriously question what this Presidents real motives are. And not just question his motives, but seriously evaluate and look into who he really is, and what he is really working to accomplish. If a common citizen like myself and others are able to see it for what it is, world leaders with unlimited resources should be able to uncover revealing evidence.


Because in all honesty the survival of nations is dependent upon it. Because of the destructive, radical social changes that may be implemented, which may be apart of this whole scheme. More now than ever this world needs real leaders with character, courage,foresight and acute perception.


Leaders who refuse to be bullied and forced into compliance by economic threats, or massive rallies by clueless, zombified, brainwashed and indoctrinated citizens, who have been fooled into believing the bogus man made climate change threat exists. As a result of  being bombarded with continuous, repetitive, persistent, massive doses, of man made climate change propaganda and hysteria. Courtesy of a corrupt, biased, liberal media.


By way of  social media campaigns and other forms of media to draw attention to a crises that does not exist. Because too much is at stake in these critical times to be kowtowing followers as opposed to courageous leaders who base their decisions and actions on truth and principle, as opposed to hype and deception.


Too much is at stake to  allow leaders in positions of authority who are led and governed by their perverse sexual desires and greed to make critical nation and life impacting decisions.The question is will world leaders bow down down to Obama’s will without as much as questioning his real motives? Because If the real science doesn’t support his claims (and it doesn’t) you must question and determine what his real motives are and act accordingly.



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