Although we here at The Truth Plain An Simple have no affiliation or association with and don’t necessarily share the views or prophetic views of the gentlemen in the video. The push to outlaw the bible, religious freedom, free speech and biblical truth, and label it extremism appears to be underway.Courtesy of President Obama and his administration. Evil actions that will expedite God’s wrath on this nation. This Presidents misguided,foolish, evil actions, are putting the physical and spiritual lives of millions at stake


The question is what are you going to do about it as a nation, take it laying  down? Just allow it to happen? Because make no mistake about it Obama and his administrations goals, the goals of the liberal/democratic party are to outlaw all religion not just Christianity and it’s beliefs. But to outlaw anything that does not fall in line with their definition of what’s right or wrong. They want complete control to change the definition of morality. A definition that will eventually include and view not only homosexuality but pedophilia as good, healthy, and acceptable lifestyles.


And it’s interesting that a religious institution not on the hate list is the Catholic Church governed by a pope who supports homosexuality. An institution that has a history that involves the sexual molestation and predation of children dating back centuries. But this institution is not on the hate list?  I wrote about this in an article several months ago. You can find the link to that article below. I think it’s also important to note that knowledge of bible verses and ability to quote bible verses don’t necessarily equate to proper understanding of those bible verses.


Many people can effectively quote scripture and verses. But the truth of the matter is most don’t have a thorough understanding of the verses they quote. This can be misleading. I’m in agreement with some of things outlined in the video like references to the Catholic Church, anti homosexual views being associated with extremist views, the persecution of Christians, the push to label bible truths as extremist views,the importance of keeping God’s commandments, etc. But not everything.



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