Did Obama And His Administration Work To Undermine The Advancement Of Boys And Men While Promoting The Advancement Of Girls And Women?

By Donald Bohanon added  03/29/2018

A very informative piece by Tucker Carlson. But the question needs to be asked why would a sitting President push an agenda that calls for the advancement of women while at the same time work to undermine the advancement of boys and men? One objective goes without question and is something I have been emphasizing for years and that is making boys and men susceptible to the influence and manipulation of homosexuals. This is one of the goals and aspects of the homosexual agenda.

Let me emphasize, I don’t have a problem with women advancing and prospering, not at all. But intentionally working to undermine the advancement of boys and men in order to transfer the reigns of power to women, is satanic and diabolical in my opinion. With some obvious underlying diabolical objectives.

Think about it… the push to undermine, literally destroy, the growth and advancement of boys and men, by Obama and his administration plays right into the plans of the homosexual community for the widespread feminization of men and masculinization of women.

And when you consider President Obama’s efforts at working aggressively to advance the homosexual agenda which included not only legalizing homosexual marriage but also elevating homosexual men and lesbian women to prominent positions of influence and power both politically and economically in this country and around the world.

While promoting homosexual and lesbian marriage as beneficial and wholesome,while women advanced on all levels economically, including lesbian women. Because of Obama’s agenda and efforts. But in contrast men and boys are failing and being disenfranchised and disadvantaged economically because they have been set up to fail. What options does that give women in terms of mates and marriage when men and teens are incarcerated, dying off by homosexual/bisexually transmitted diseases, disenfranchised and disadvantaged economically?

How about lesbian women now becoming viable options for women in terms of marriage and relationships? Because many men have now been incarcerated, emasculated, and driven far down the economic ladder…by design. Wouldn’t you guess that successful, economically advantaged lesbian women, would now be appealing to successful women, who have no other options?

Especially when everyone from the government to the media, to celebrities and sports figures, etc, are touting homosexual and lesbian marriage and relationships as noble, beneficial, and wholesome? Despite God’s instruction to the contrary. That obviously has always been part of the plan. Even a person with the most basic intelligence and spiritual discernment should be able to see what’s unfolding and where this is all heading.

Now consider millions of poor and disenfranchised men intentionally targeted for failure, at the mercy of homosexual men in positions of power and influence. And how that puts them in very precarious and compromising positions. When you consider and understand homosexual deviants have and will always use that power and influence to satisfy their perverted lust.

And draw the weak, desperate and vulnerable, into the homosexual and lesbian sphere of influence and lifestyle… by way of manipulation, bribes and ultimatums. Masculine men are manipulated by homosexual men in positions of power to do things they wouldn’t normally do (not something I have or would ever consider myself just making a point) as a result of desperation and hopelessness.

I’m convinced this has always been a part of President Obama’s end game. A man I strongly feel is bisexual himself. In addition to working to pass the mantle of power and control to women. Because they have been brainwashed into believing women will do it better, and be more effective in positions of leadership. Not to mention the fact that women elevated to dominant status, when you understand it, serves to advance the homosexual and lesbian agenda as well.

The false narrative that’s being promoted that women are smarter than men is obviously also contributing to the push for a transfer of power from men to women. Frankly speaking, it’s a ridiculous theory, and if it ever comes to fruition it will fall flat on its face. Because God frowns on the thought of women having rulership over men. And it will end disastrously.

Whether people choose to believe it or not the Garden Of Eden and what transpired there served as a way for God to determine which gender would be better equipped to rule over the other. There was a reason Satan chose Eve to tempt and deceive, as opposed to Adam. Because he knew manipulating and deceiving Adam would have been a more difficult proposition.

And I would assume Satan came to that realization after careful observation of both Adam and Eve before he made his move. After all, why wouldn’t Adam be his first choice considering Eve was created from Adam to be his help meet? Wouldn’t the logical approach be to approach the dominant party to accomplish his ends? Why not corrupt the man first believing the woman would naturally follow Adam’s lead?But yet he chose Eve to deceive instead. Why? Because women are much more emotionally vulnerable, gullible, and sensitive than men. And any man who has been in a relationship with a woman should know this. Regardless of the bogus studies promoted by homosexual and lesbian sociologists and psychologists, and or pro-homosexual and lesbian sociologists and psychologists which suggest otherwise.

They are very emotional creatures who can be charmed and manipulated by any man who knows what he’s doing. They are also more sexually vulnerable than men. A man who knows what he is doing sexually can literally get a woman emotionally attached in one night. As she falls head over heels in lust as opposed to head over heels in love. And sadly many of them can’t tell the difference. And that’s not an exaggeration. That’s not the case with men. It takes longer for most men to get emotionally attached through sex alone than it does a woman. Sex for a man in most cases is more of a physical satisfaction as opposed to an emotional attachment.

Obviously, that changes over time as men become more emotionally attached through consistent participation in the sexual act with the woman. But women on the other hand tend to get emotionally attached the very first time… if the sex is great. If the man knows what he is doing sexually with a woman, quite honestly, she will be like putty in his hands to mold into any shape he desires. This is a critical character flaw most women have.

Throw in the ability to cater to her emotional vulnerabilities and needs, and manipulate those as well, and frankly speaking, she can be totally brainwashed. Not to mention a few other important things I left out intentionally, so as not to give prying predators too many tools to prey on the vulnerable.

They are designed like that by God .. very sensitive and emotional. But in this evil age, those qualities can be very compromising and critical flaws that can easily be exploited to accomplish evil ends.

You can almost liken it to programming a robot in some respects. When you use the proper methods and approach applied at the right time. And sad to say virtually all women have those flaws and vulnerabilities.

But this is not to suggest a woman looking to other women as a viable mating option would be better. Honestly speaking that would be worse than getting involved with the most dubious, predatory man, with diabolical intentions.

When you understand the corrupting spiritual and distorting mental element involved. And the ultimate spiritual, emotional, and mental, cost of such an unholy union. In all honesty, most lesbian women (because of their warped spiritual condition as a result of engaging in perverse sexual behavior) are even more twisted and diabolical, than most corrupt, dubious men. 

Truthfully speaking, emotional and sexual vulnerability can be characterized as critical character flaws in women, that can be exploited by any man who knows what he’s doing and who has dubious and diabolical intentions, who has predatory intentions in mind. And the problem is that virtually all women are plagued by those same vulnerabilities because they are sensitive and emotional creatures. Who need to be catered to on an emotional level.

This is something Satan also thoroughly understands and will use to manipulate and corrupt any woman, no matter her level of education, intelligence, accomplishment, or skill. If she’s in a position of leadership and power and Satan sees an opportunity he can and will exploit those vulnerabilities and flaws to accomplish his goals. He uses and has been using women like that consistently throughout history.

By using a man who knows what he’s doing with diabolical intentions as Satan uses that man to undermine and destroy any vestiges of moral character the female target has. You hear about it practically every day in the headlines. Some man manipulates and charms a woman and then steals and breaks the woman’s heart. Corrupts the woman and gets her caught up in all kinds of self-destructive behavior. Or a man steals the woman’s heart impregnates her and leaves her to raise the children on her own. There are numerous examples of men exploiting a woman’s sensitivities and emotional vulnerabilities and taking advantage of her. It happens all the time.

And despite the vaunted women’s intuition that women claim to have, most of them never saw it coming. Even if those were the man’s intentions at the very outset. They still didn’t see it coming because most women are easily blinded, by charm, manipulation, lust, and infatuation. And no matter the women’s level of education, accomplishment, intelligence, women’s intuition, talent or skill, the incidences of women being taken advantage of by men with dubious intentions, in some way, shape, or, form, is at epidemic levels.

And women no matter what their educational level, intelligence or status, all fall for it, it seems every time.Because of the critical character flaws mentioned. Those attributes mentioned earlier can be beneficial with the right man but critical flaws and vulnerabilities with the wrong man.

This is something God saw in the Garden Of Eden and because of it, decreed, based on woman’s numerous sensitivities and vulnerabilities, man should have dominion over her. She is not fit to govern in that capacity in terms of ruling over man. Being so sensitive, gullible, and vulnerable. To accomplish his evil goals and further his destructive agenda Satan will use some charming, manipulative, strapping, jock of a man, who is corrupt and has predatory intentions to corrupt that woman, and use her to accomplish his own destructive diabolical goals. And to even lead astray and destroy the vulnerable woman.

Are women more intelligent than men? Absolutely not. Are they better educated than men? Based on statistics, and Obama’s diabolical scheme, and some other exceptional circumstances, at this point probably so. Are women intelligent? Yes. Ambitious? You better believe it. But all that can be negated, corrupted, and used for evil objectives and intentions when one knows how to manipulate her innate weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

In other words, Satan can and will exploit those innate weaknesses and vulnerabilities that she exhibited in the Garden Of Eden and which she has been exhibiting throughout history, as she has fallen prey to some corrupt man with dubious and predatory intentions.

Time after time, over and over again, to get her to accept and do all of Satan’s bidding as he has done and as he did in the Garden Of Eden. Satan will exploit those critical flaws and vulnerabilities, to corrupt, pervert, lead astray, advance destructive agendas, and undermine, etc, as he always has throughout history. Because of this critical character and emotional flaws, she is not equipped to rule over man. This is what God also thoroughly understands and is what he saw in the Garden Of Eden. And is one reason why he’s given man dominion over her.

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