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Ascension To Heaven Or Resurrection To  Judgment?


So much misinformation is taught by false self proclaimed ministers today that it makes it hard to determine what is accurate and who to believe. Among the most prominent of these false teachings is the doctrine about the rapture. This doctrine claims that everyone who has died after they have verbally accepted Jesus Christ as their savior will be instantly transported to heaven when this event takes place. Let me begin by informing you that the term rapture is found no where in the Bible and what is commonly referred to as the rapture is merely the first resurrection. And contrary to popular belief very few people will participate in that first resurrection. So the false doctrine about the rapture claims that the majority of mankind will be instantly transported to heaven when this event is to take place. But what does the Bible say? Is there an instant ascension to heaven to be with God forever, or is there a resurrection to judgment?  Let us examine the word of God for the truth.


I state in this audio that the Bible says in Peter  good works are profitable unto men but I  spoke too fast that is actually found in Titus  3:8, sorry if I confused anyone.


Listen: Ascension To Heaven Or Resurrection To  Judgment.

Ascension To Heaven Or Resurrection To  Judgment

Recorded  2011 – Added Saturday March 29, 2014