Another Major Terrorist Attack On American Soil?



San Bernardino California is on lock down. The result of a mass shooting at a disabled persons facility. The situation is fluid and authorities are presently working to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. But to many, this has all the makings of a radical Islamist terrorist attack.


Considering there has been much speculation about whether  Syrian Refugees should be allowed to come to America. This incident is certainly relative to that topic and makes the thought of going through that process that much more ridiculous.


This incident which has all the markings of a terrorist attack should put an end to that discussion once and for all. Obviously we can’t even effectively and accurately pin point threats on American soil. How can we hope to effectively and accurately pin point threats coming from foreign lands?


Think of how the possibility of these kinds of incidents greatly increase by allowing Syrian Refugees into this country? Many who are coming from an area that has large concentrations of   radical Islamic terrorists. And who don’t care who they murder. Skin color, race or social economic status, matters not to these ruthless killers. Everybody from thugs, gangsters to aristocrats, appear to be fair game.


I actually touched on this topic a few days ago in a previous article entitled “Will President Obama use the Syrian Refugee Crisis to create chaos and insure a power grab?” To allow an influx of refugees at this time would be absolutely foolish and puts the lives of Americans in danger. Any politician who’s seriously considering allowing Syrian Refugees asylum here in the states at this time is honestly not qualified to be in a position of leadership and authority. And makes you question what their real motives are.


The lock down of San Bernardino I find interesting as well. This would obviously be a prelude to an even broader execution of security measures here in the states if this type of incident were to occur more frequently because of  the influx of Syrian Refugees as a result of President Obama’s efforts.


And would certainly in my opinion play right into his hands and plans in terms of what he is trying to accomplish on a broader scale. In terms of implementing much more stringent security measures in an effort to covertly undermine and destroy free speech and religious liberty. To advance his destructive agenda.


Sadly the Bible speaks about how this kind of turmoil and upheaval would be prevalent in the nation in the end times because of it’s abominable rebellion against God and his word. The question is will America wake up and afford God his due respect and change it’s moral behavior to resemble what the Bible outlines as proper moral behavior before it’s too late, or will it continue to defy him and ultimately suffer the horrific, frightening fate, outlined in the pages of the Bible?




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