We have no affiliation with World Star Hip Hop they are merely the source of this disturbing information.


A slew of recent shootings of unarmed blacks is becoming quite disturbing and upsetting. The video above shows a white officer instruct a black man to provide his license after a stop, but when the black man enters his vehicle to comply with the command, he is fired upon.


Thank God it appears  the young man was not fatally injured. I find the lack of restraint as it relates to white officers when they engage black citizens as opposed to white citizens very disturbing and upsetting.


It appears most white officers will go above and beyond the call of duty when exercising restraint as it relates to white citizens, suspected of the same or similar crimes, but when faced with black citizens suspected of similar crimes it appears very little restraint is exercised. The same restraint white officers exercise with white citizens is the same restraint they need to exercise with black citizens.


I think a thorough investigation of the whole law enforcement establishment is in order, to find and weed out any white supremacist or racist elements that may be infesting and undermining  the public trust of  law enforcement, and the stability of the nation.


To allow the possibility of racist elements to reside within the ranks of law enforcement is insane in my opinion and is asking for trouble and is something that can and will undermine and destroy the publics trust of law enforcement.Thereby destroying and undermining the stability of the nation.


Which will further exacerbate America’s problems and expedite the prophesied fall and destruction of the nation. There is no place for racism and racial hatred in an establishment that many look to as protectors and helpers as opposed to killers and destroyers.


The shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson MO was just the beginning of what appears to be a nationwide firestorm of outrage against the police department and it’s questionable tactics. Many questions have gone unanswered.Like what did the young man do to justify the officers use of deadly force?


And if the officer was beaten as many suggest why is there not one picture confirming  it? I would think in the midst of such an outcry for justice and such outrage, the call for evidence to support the officers claims of innocence and self defense would have been quickly accommodated by now.


Proof  of the officers alleged injuries would be one of the first things  law enforcement would want to provide. Medical statements without any pictures months after the fact, when the alleged injuries would have had ample time to heal is not sufficient in my opinion, and is very concerning, upsetting and rings of suspicion.


Below this paragraph is another video that has recently surfaced online showing white witnesses of the actual Ferguson shooting motioning that Michael Brown actually had his hands raised before he was shot.


Why such a slow process in securing justice in this case? Had the shoe been on the other foot and the officer had  been shot and killed the case would have been solved tried and prosecuted by now. Could it be the Ferguson police department is trying to hide and cover up something? I’m sorry it all looks and smells very suspicious and fishy to me.


America and its leadership need to be mindful of where this is all heading and how negatively impactful it’s going to be for all citizens if this issue is not seriously addressed and corrected. The black race for decades throughout history has suffered inexorable punishment at the hands of a racist establishment for no other reason than the color of their skin.


The residual effects of decades of brutal persecution, racism and prejudice, has taken a prodigious toll on the black family and community, and has contributed in large part to the criminalization and incarceration of hundreds of thousands of blacks and it’s having  a domino effect even today.


Continued persecution of the black race at the hands of what appears increasingly to be a racist element is absolutely unacceptable. We as a nation  appear to be allowing, unimpeded, an element of racist attacks against unarmed blacks, and the fueling of an anti black  racist atmosphere courtesy of the corrupt, racist,  liberal media.


A media that is controlled by sexually perverse, racist men and women. Just do your homework and you will find that most of the men who run these media juggernauts, music establishments and sports franchises etc, are white gay and or bisexual men.


I have been emphasizing  for years that this is and has been the source of the black races problems and persecution.Sexually perverse racist white men and women in positions of power who control the media and other powerful establishments and who based on their distorted view and perception of the black race secretly harbor  a disdain and hate for the black race and other minorities.


And who feed your sons and daughters the damaging, influential, brainwashing garbage, in  music, movies and videos etc, they see. And who biasedly portray blacks in a negative light in the media to further fuel hatred and racist sentiments against blacks worldwide.The same sexual perversion which twists the spirit and warps the mind, and the same sexual perversion that you as a community and nation are supporting and fighting  so hard to legalize.


This is by design ladies and gentlemen, something I have been emphasizing for years and the primary source of the racial hatred is coming from and being fueled by sexually perverse racist men and women in  positions of power who control the music industry and media, etc.


Their biased portrayal of blacks in the media is fueling an atmosphere of racial hatred against blacks worldwide and is a major contributing factor to officers exercising very little restraint when dealing with black citizens, make no mistake about it.  Many in law enforcement are being brainwashed and are victims to a large degree themselves based on all the distorted images as it relates to blacks the racist media is so quick to broadcast and promote in rap videos, news, etc.


In addition to  the racist elements that are intentionally being introduced into law enforcement many individuals  who are covertly and subversively being encouraged to adopt and promote racist views, and buy into the many stereotypes that are being created courtesy of a sexually perverse, corrupt, racist power structure that controls the media,music industry, etc, of course.


Take notice of how the media will go to extreme lengths in many cases  to conceal the race of a white person committing a crime, but will make sure when  a black person commits a crime it’s broadcast for the world to see.


Now of course the black race to some degree shares responsibility in that some of them gravitate towards the negative images that are being portrayed and in many cases emulate much of the negative behavior the sexually perverse racists broadcast, through the media,and in the form of violent images in rap music videos, movies, games etc.


So you are contributing willingly to your own destruction to a large degree, by allowing what the sexually perverse racists broadcast to influence and guide your actions and decisions in many cases.


There is no place for racial hatred in society much less in law enforcement which is created to protect society. Every element of it must be found out and rooted out to insure societal stability which really is a major part of and the foundation of  a nations strength and survival. But to really solve the problem the source of the problem needs to be dealt with and that is the sexually perverse racists in positions of power who control the media.


The media which fuels the racial hatred nationally and worldwide by biasedly, disproportionately, broadcasting negative images of the black race  for the world to  see and feed off of, further fueling massive racist sentiments against blacks worldwide.


Notice the example below of a  media outlet  intentionally editing and distorting a young black boys comments to make it appear like the young boy is a proponent of violence when in actuality the boy was really emphasizing that he wanted to fight crime as opposed to contribute to it.


Placing special emphasis on promoting and broadcasting the bad but at the same time disregarding  the good .This is an example of how the racist media is fueling the negative opinions the world has of blacks by irresponsibly using that powerful platform to promote and cultivate those negative, racist opinions  and views.


There’s no place for racism and racial hatred in society or in the law enforcement establishment from either side black or white. And the possibility of racist elements both black and white who desire to use the Ferguson shooting  and other incidents as a means  to stir up racial hatred needs to be guarded against as well. But at the same time swift justice needs to be the focus to insure racial tensions are not exacerbated.


And the repeated persecution and misrepresentation of the black race through the media and other avenues is simply demonically evil and totally unacceptable to me.  The eradication of all racist elements within the law enforcement establishment and all other areas of society must be a number one priority, to insure national stability, and to insure the wrath of God is not visited upon this nation.


To insure the prophesied fall and destruction of  America is not expedited.  One of the reasons God is holding back is because he is still calling and converting men,women and children. But there is no guarantee how much longer he will continue to suffer long in the face of growing and mounting sexual perversions and abominable sin.



By Donald Bohanon