Gov. Nathan Deal said he would veto the "religious liberty" legislation on Monday. Bob Andres/AJC Photo



Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal under pressure from Organizations and Corporations to veto the Religious Freedoms Bill it appears has finally capitulated to the will and demands of Big Business. How many times have we seen Governors and or Politicians come out forcefully against certain issues only to eventually cower like whimpering dogs, with their tails tucked, after being bombarded with economic threats from Big Business?  


I mean, why even voice your approval or disapproval of an issue, if eventually when pressed with economic threats you fold faster than a college book at the end of class, only to then embarrass yourselves and make citizens and your constituents question your moral fortitude, courage and character? Why not just keep silent and do it quietly as opposed to cowering whenever threatened by Big Business?


This is the problem we have as a nation that is going to eventually erode the moral foundation of the country like salt erodes metal, and religious freedom and freedom of speech will eventually be struck down as well. You will never win these kinds of battles if you are not willing to stand firm on what you believe and fight for it regardless of the consequences.


Why even come out against or in support of certain laws or bills if when pressured by organizations you bow down and capitulate every time? Laws need to be enacted that prevent and impede the interference of Big Business in these kinds of political and religious affairs. As it relates to using their economic influence and power to determine outcomes that should only be determined by citizens.


Because if not Corporations and Big Business will essentially run the country and not the citizens. And democracies are not established on the fact that Big Business runs everything and calls the shots, that is more indicative of a form of liberal fascism. Could it be any more obvious?


And I’m shocked that no one has noticed and even spoken out about this dubious trend  and scenario that produces one sided, destructive, and very dangerous outcomes. A scenario that has deceptively,covertly and vicariously, yielded absolute power and control, in regards to moral issues,to sexually perverse, liberal elite fascist, by way of Big Business.


Now more than ever we need strong,courageous, moral, political figures and leaders who see this form of liberal fascism that masquerades as democracy for what it is. And to stand up against it and fight against it no matter what the cost.Having faith that God will work it out in your favor no matter how hopeless it looks at the outset. 


This is the only way you will secure  victories as it relates to these issues. Because if not the kowtowing and capitulation will continue and America will eventually be beset with perversion, resulting in disease, disorder and discord, and eventually anarchy and chaos and ultimately destruction. At which point we as citizens will witness it’s fall and collapse.  


America because of the lack of moral character and courage on the part of its leaders and citizens is flirting with danger and provoking an all powerful God to punish in a way that he really doesn’t want to. He is trying to prevent that terrible chastisement by pleading and warning through sites like this.



God wants those Religious Freedom Bills passed but he does not want one iota of racial discrimination found hiding or lurking,  somehow  masked or covered up, in those Religious Freedoms Bills. And if so you will find out how displeased he is with it.


Fighting against the spread of authoritarianism and liberal fascism at the hands of sexually perverse politicians, business owners and citizens, by way of Big Business? Absolutely yes!! But racial discrimination of any form hiding or lurking somewhere in that legislation? Absolutely not!! And if so he will make his displeasure known. You can’t fool God!


The question is will the leaders and citizens of this nation heed the message and resist the influence of these economic  powers and corrupt politicians that  worship the dollar and in so doing worship Satan.And that push for rebellion against God and everything he represents and stands for?


Or will weak leaders and politicians continue to capitulate at every threat of economic retaliation from Big Business,and in so doing provoke an angry God to punish terribly resulting in the death of the nation?