The Bible says in the last days the King Of  The South ( a possible radical Islamic brotherhood of Middle Eastern Nations) will push at the King Of The North (a German led European Union).It is believed by many students of prophecy that the push prophesied will be in the form of terrorist attacks and  possibly some form of military provocation.



The Bible says the KOTN after so much provocation and terror would eventually be angered and frustrated and lose patience and come against the KOTS like a whirlwind with many ships, horsemen and chariots… ships, horsemen and chariots which are symbolic of military weaponry,… the whirlwind reference denotes the utilization of the German warfare strategy of blitzkrieg.



The Bible says the attack will be so fierce that virtually every nation in the Middle East will be conquered with exception of the tiny nation Jordan. Are the recent terrorist attacks on the nations of France and Brussels Belgium some examples of the beginning of that prophesied push?



This overt aggression by radical Middle Eastern factions was certainly prophesied to happen and may very well be the catalyst that results in ultra right wing governments being  setup in Europe. Because of the growing frustration of it’s citizens due to the lack of action and leadership on the part of passive liberal governments. Prompting those citizens to elect strong leaders who will fight fire with fire as it relates to the bloody terrorist attacks.



And this would certainly be supportive of the rise of an aggressive and militaristic ultra right wing government in Germany specifically. The prophesied rise of the Abomination Of Desolation/ The Final Resurrection Of The Holy Roman Empire/The rise of the Fourth Reich. Sadly what most fail to realize is America’s sins with the support and legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage, and ultimately the legalization of other perverse, twisted forms of sexual behavior.


The mass murder of blacks and other minorities in urban neighborhoods and communities in the form of gun violence much of which is largely a result of centuries of racism, and ongoing racial oppression in many areas of the country, which has obviously resulted in the breakdown and destruction of the black family and community,which has in turn cultivated and produced generational poverty and these kinds of environments. And mass murder in the form of abortion.If you don’t want to get pregnant or want children refrain from sex or use contraception until you are financially able to support and raise children.



Not to mention the widespread practice of black magic and sorcery,etc, all of which God views as abominations, and are all provoking God to set in motion events to punish America and other nations for those abominations as he said he would. Using a German led European Union as one tool to accomplish it. In any case keep your eyes open because prophetic events are sure to be fulfilled as long as America and other nations continue the practice of blatant rebellion and defiance of God and his word. 



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