Warning! Strong Language In The Video Above Which Some May Find Offensive But Some May Not.


I recently wrote about the fact, the possibility, that the L.G.B.T.Q community would eventually take over, or work to take over the Black Lives Matter movement. Darren King one of the founders of B.L.M. explains how the movement was bringing together gang members who were known enemies, and many others in a protest against police violence.


The initial result was a coming together of the black community until the homosexual community sabotaged the whole movement. At which point it morphed into a terrorist group, which was focused on promoting secret perverted gay sex parties, racial hatred, violence, and violent rallies, and opposition to groups and individuals who opposed the homosexual communities’ twisted agenda, goals and values. With the sole objective of promoting anarchy, to create social disorder and chaos, which also helps to further their goals.


In the video above Darren King, one of the founders of this specific chapter of the movement discusses how the homosexual agenda eventually, covertly, took over the B.L.M. movement at which point it’s members became more focused on secret sex parties and traveling while spending the money they had raised through social awareness propaganda, on homosexual sex parties, and other selfish personal indulgences.


Darren King was killed recently, but he shared a video before he was killed talking about an incident that involved a police officer pulling him over and in so many words threatening his life. He was found shot and killed a few days later, with his body burned in a car.


Many will suggest that he was killed by racist cops or some other racist, they will try and spin it that way. In a deceptive effort to further promote racial hatred and violence. And to take the focus off the real perpetrators. But the truth of the matter is more than likely he was killed to get him out of the way and as a way to silence him


To stop him from exposing the Black Lives Matter movement as an organization with a homosexual agenda, that could care less about black lives. But is more focused on promoting perverted homosexual sex, and the homosexual agenda, as well as violence, chaos, and racial hatred, to that end.


The culprits can probably be found at the leadership of the B.L.M. movement or those who fund the movement. I’m sure if you look close enough you can trace the  money right back to the super-rich, sexually perverse, groups and individuals


I have been writing for some time now (but it appears to be falling on deaf ears) that this organization will do anything to further their agenda,(which is centered around satisfying their enslaving, consuming, insatiable, perverted sexual desire and lust) even kill if they have to. And if you think they weren’t somehow responsible for his murder you are absolutely clueless and ignorant.I’m convinced they were responsible in some capacity.


This is consistent with the kind of diabolical behavior that is outlined in God’s word Romans 1:26-32. And also with the many disturbing acts of homosexuals performed almost daily but which are rarely if ever covered by the biased, corrupt, pro-homosexual liberal media.


They use the money to exploit the desperate financial situations of many, to get them to sell out. Using money to corrupt and draw others into the lifestyle is the primary way they have been operating for decades. And it is the reason they have won so many victories.


That’s why for organizations and movements like this to be successful, they must be focused on the cause above all else, and have men and women in leadership roles who are focused on the cause, who can’t be bought or enticed by monetary reward or gain. And are able to see through the many deceptive schemes of perverse groups who will always seek to subversively undermine and exploit socially conscience groups like the B.L.M. for their own twisted, evil goals.


No one who is sexually enslaved by perverse sexual desires and lust, greedy for money and material gain, who views violence as the only solution or a means to an end, or who is chemically dependent(because you can’t sit around smoking and drinking excessively while at the same time pretending to be serious about your cause.


When vultures see behavior like that, they see an opportunity to take over, undermine and sabotage, because they see lack of discipline and disorganization and they should never be at the helm of any socially conscience movement. Or any organization, company, or in a position of leadership in any capacity, whatsoever.


Historically this group has been behind more murders of black activists and black leaders who oppose their lifestyle and goals than many people realize. The ones who are secretly behind the machinations and financing of the movement are really doing the killing, but only from a distance.


But yet the black community still embraces and supports this very evil organization, an organization that has historically and covertly been instrumental in undermining and destroying the black family and community. The link to the homosexual’s twitter account that Darren King spoke about in the video can also be found below.


This homosexual deviant and impostor now sits in an influential position in the organization, lying, deceiving, and leading the ignorant, gullible, and vulnerable astray. Promoting the twisted, perverted, homosexual agenda, and making a mockery of the sufferings and struggles of the black community.


Under the deceptive guise of concern for black lives, is still alive and thriving, while a young man, and what appeared to be a decent guy with good intentions, who appeared to be really focused on making a change in the black community for the better, lie rotting in a grave.


Regardless of the fact that he may not have had the knowledge or wherewithal to do everything right in his pursuit of justice, he was actually working at it and trying. When his life was tragically cut short. And quite possibly by the same perverse group and individuals who hijacked the B.L.M. movement for their own sexually perverted, evil, and twisted goals. Now that’s really tragic and reprehensible.  






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