There’s a virus spreading that may prove to be as destructive or more destructive than the Corona Virus. That virus is the “Racism Virus”.  I feel the name is appropriate because much like other viruses that spread inconspicuously and destroy millions of lives quietly, racism spreads in much the same way and is equally as destructive.


I’m convinced the spread of this virus will only serve to anger God even more and may very well result in God expediting his prophesied destruction of the nation because of its abominable sins.


With the introduction of deadlier more contagious viruses, natural disasters consisting of droughts, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, famine, and war, etc. If you follow that foolish path of unwarranted and blatant racist attacks and racism, unfortunately, you can expect your troubles and plagues to increase and be expedited by the hand of an angry God.


The targeting of the Asian community as a result of ignorance and misinformation is obviously one form of racism that’s fueling this form of racism. The Asian community, unfortunately, appears to be the new flavor of the day as it relates to racism and racist attacks. All as a result of ignorance and the spread of misinformation.


Much like what has unfortunately plagued the black community for centuries. I call on all marginalized ethnic groups to stand with the Asian community in their time of trouble.


An attack on one marginalized ethnic group is an attack on all marginalized ethnic groups. The racist attacks on the Asian community can eventually morph into a form of justification for racist attacks against other races and marginalized ethnic groups.


And unfortunately, I’m convinced this will only add to the sufferings we and other nations are going through because such a movement will only fuel God’s anger and motivate him to act more swiftly on the promises he’s made regarding punishing this nation and others because of their abominable sins.


I stand with God and the Asian community in calling for an end to the racism and violent attacks against the Asian community fueled by ignorance and misinformation. Will you stand with us?