So many self-proclaimed ministers teach that only faith is important, most or the majority teach that works are for the most part insignificant and play virtually no role at all in the process of salvation. Most of these self-proclaimed ministers teach that only faith should be the focus, they teach that salvation comes only by grace through faith. But are works important, and what role do they play if any in the Christian lifestyle and the whole process of repentance, righteousness, and conversion?


What if any spiritual benefits do they offer? And will they play a role in determining whether human beings are judged harshly or favorably? Well, the truth is quite a bit different from what most are being taught, the truth is good works are equally as important as faith when exercised in their proper context. Just as bad works can result in condemnation when judged, good works are an essential part of the journey to salvation and can result in acquittal as opposed to condemnation when judged. Let’s study God’s word to discover the absolute importance and necessity of good works as part of the Christian faith and lifestyle. 



In this audio, I made the statement that the story about Bathsheeba, Uriah The Hittite, and King David, could be found in 2 Samuel 2,  but that story is actually found in 2 Samuel 11:2 – Chapter 12, a slip of the tongue, sorry if I confused anyone. I also accidentally make the statement about women sleeping with other men’s husbands that was a gross mistake and slip of the tongue, but obviously what I meant was women sleeping with other women’s husbands, that was obviously a terrible slip of the tongue, forgive me.


I have a tendency to speak a little too fast at times and obviously, this was one of those occasions. I definitely want to clarify that lest lying, slandering, warped, distorted sexual deviants use that slip of the tongue as an opportunity to suggest that I condone the filthy behavior of homosexuality which is definitely not the case. And nothing could be further from the truth.  God hates homosexuality with deep, unbridled hatred and so do I for all the filthy obvious reasons. And I have no problem expressing it.




Listen: The Importance Of Good Works

Listen: The Importance Of Good Works

Added August 17, 2013