The Dangerous Practice Of Genetically Modifying Your Food.



There is a fight going on that many Americans are probably not aware of, it is a fight for  the right to have our foods labeled as genetically modified by the companies who produce those foods.


But many of the major companies that produce genetically modified food are fighting against the right to have our foods labeled, so we don’t know exactly what we are eating. Genetically modified food can be  very dangerous something I’m sure many people don’t know.


Afterall,with this type of legislation in place  we won’t know how our foods are being processed or produced and by what means, or what’s being added to them.That means we will never really know what we are ingesting.


That  sparks the question who or what organization or individuals are preparing our food, and is there a secret plan or agenda that’s fueling all of this? I’m convinced  lust, greed, money and power. And progressive evolving evil motives and objectives, are whats fueling all of it.


These major companies claim that because many of these genetically modified foods are FDA approved, this should make the American public more accepting and comfortable. But the truth of the matter is the FDA is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet and it’s believed  regularly accepts enormous sums of money,to give the green light to many unhealthy foods that line the shelves of  grocery stores throughout our nation.


As well as many unsafe prescription medications that many Americans take to treat debilitating diseases. And because they say something is okay or  safe certainly doesn’t necessarily mean it is. We must use our own discretion based on acquired knowledge in cases like this.


Genetically modified food has been proven to produce dangerous and adverse effects in animals who have ingested the altered product  in the form of increased weight gain,  changes in immune system, altered intestinal structure,significant organ disruption to livers and kidneys, modified DNA structure,premature deliveries, abortions, infertility, prolapsed uteruses, significant immune disregulation, etc.


I can virtually assure you that the rich, greedy and covetous, who own these companies and who in many cases are pushing to have these foods genetically modified. And who can afford to shop at stores like Whole Foods  where they sell the best organically grown food. Would never eat the altered garbage they want to feed you and your children. The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12

King James Version (KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Which means we are battling against greedy, selfish, lustful, sexually perverse evil men and women in positions of power and influence who are being led by demonic and satanic  spirits that influence their thinking, decisions and actions. So that is tantamount to having Satan think for these people which will ultimately have disastrous  consequences for millions of human beings on a physical and spiritual level.


Make no mistake about it,something wicked, evil and destructive, is sure to result  when we allow corrupt, carnal men and women,who in many cases are led and influenced by demonic spirits. And who are motivated and driven by greed, lust and power,to determine what we put in our bodies.


It’s sure to end terribly. As the saying goes  we are what we eat. And with today’s genetic and technological advances things like gender identity modification and manipulation, psychological modification and manipulation, emotional modification and manipulation,  male and female hormone modification and manipulation, etc, by way of the foods we ingest are not beyond the realm of possibility. 


And I am almost certain all the aforementioned will ultimately be some of the goals of evil men and women who wield such power, influence and control.The truth of the matter is this is abominable evil in embryo that is forming.  And it is sure to end terribly for you and your loved ones.


When you think about it more sick people require more drugs to treat those illnesses.Companies like Monsanto produce the poisonous food that eventually causes the human body to breakdown over time in the form of  disease and other forms of illnesses from ingesting the poison. Drugs need to be developed to treat all those diseases, that’s where the FDA and the Pharmaceutical  Companies come in.


Everyone makes enormous amounts of money. Monsanto and companies like them from mass production and distribution of the health damaging, altered  food. The FDA from getting their palms greased by Monsanto and from  the major Pharmaceutical Companies for giving the Pharma’s and the food production companies the green light, okay and stamp of safety, for the food and drugs that treat the illnesses.


When in their hearts they know the drugs have not been thoroughly tested and proven safe. And the foods are not safe at all. The Medical Establishment which is intimately intertwined with the FDA and the Pharma’s also profit enormously from treating the medical conditions all at the expense of the naive and clueless American public. It’s not too far fetched at all.


And actually is something that has already been going on secretly. The question is are you going to sit idly by on your hands. And allow greedy men and women in power  to do whatever they choose to do  even with the  food you and your sons and daughters eat, while you say and do nothing about it?



By Donald Bohanon



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