A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter goes on a bloody shooting spree. Not surprisingly the attempted targets were those of differing political views. Now, mind you, these are the same liberals who are constantly accusing political opponents of being insensitive, and intolerant.


I have been writing for some time now, about how the radical liberal lefts goals are much more dubious than they let on. The same group it appears that’s always emphasizing tolerance, it appears can never properly discern what the term means, when a philosophy that calls for violence against political opponents, and even Presidents clearly suggests otherwise.


Let me first start out by saying to give in to this kind of violent intimidation would be absolutely foolish and cowardly. To capitulate to this kind of violence and go along with twisted, dangerous, and destructive, radical liberal views as a form of appeasement would be absolute spiritual, physical, and national suicide at this point. 


Capitulating to these kinds of cowardly, violent acts, by cowardly deranged individuals, who seek to impose their demented and destructive will on the American public through violence, is not the way to ensure the day is won in the fight for what’s right, good and just.


And I think it’s equally as important to understand what kind of deranged individuals and movements we are dealing with. Violent acts against political opponents encouraged by comedians through comedic expression?


And in other art forms. As well as actual violent acts carried out against individuals, speaks volumes in my opinion, and is reflective of individuals who simply can’t be reasoned with, and will stop at nothing in forcing their twisted agenda on others.


Individuals who will stop at nothing in furthering their agenda, even if it means engaging in violent acts as a way of forcing others to fall in line with their twisted views. The gunman in this act, and comedians who do skits with severed heads, are just some examples in my opinion of the underlying, violent ideology, nature and character of groups and individuals, that’s yearning to break forth in expressions of violence, and efforts at violent subjugation and intimidation in various forms.


We must be cognizant of the type of enemies and individuals, rendered deranged and murderous through warped ideology, lust, and greed, we are dealing with. You must be vigilante in closely monitoring the covert actions of these kinds of unhinged individuals. 


Make no mistake about it, they are enemies, you simply can’t classify a group which is willing to engage in violence to further their agenda as anything else. Rational thinking and debate is not something they are interested in.


You either bow down to their sick, perverted will and agenda, that’s motivated in large part by greed and lust, and if not be prepared for these types of insane individuals to go to any lengths to subjugate those with opposing views.


It’s either their sick, twisted way or no way, is their mindset and way of thinking. But rest assured, bowing down to the demented, diabolical, and perverse will of these kinds of individuals, is simply not an option.


Because in the long term will have even more widespread catastrophic consequences.Coming together as a united front against this form of radical, liberal fascism and terrorism, is the only way to respond to these kinds of efforts at forced subjugation through violence.


While at the same time lowering and working to eliminate aggressive and violent rhetoric. Understand, when you stand united for the greater good, you’re not only fighting for the survival of the nation,but for your own survival, and quite honestly for the survival and lives of your sons and daughters as well.


Never bow down and capitulate to these kinds of attacks, but instead allow them to strengthen your resolve, cultivating a renewed commitment and vigilance in fighting for the way that will ensure the long term survival of the nation. When fighting for and standing for what’s right, we can always expect to be beset by resistance of every form. Be committed to never faltering or giving into subjugation through violence and other methods.


When people resort to violence in politics it’s normally a sign of desperation. A sign they are actually sensing the walls closing in on them. People normally resort to desperate measures when they see defeat on the horizon.


That is even more reason to be steadfast in your resolve, firmly committed to finishing every good and righteous goal you have set out to accomplish. While continuing to pray for the speedy recovery of the victims, and families of the victims, of this senseless attack and act of violence..