Although Steve is making some good points you can never overlook the underlying factors that are lurking in the shadows,that can,if allowed,undermine the dream of an emerging capitalist renaissance.


I agree with Candace you can’t expect a resurgence in support of capitalism if you don’t address the mass indoctrination/brainwashing  that’s going on at the academic and social level.


Much of the youth,as I covered in  previous articles, are being brainwashed and indoctrinated by liberal scholars and teachers in Liberal Universities and schools.Many scholars and teachers who are ignorantly working to advance a socialist and or fascist agenda for the diabolical purposes of the liberal powers that be.


In reality many of those same liberal scholars and teachers are brainwashed pawns who are being manipulated as well.This is a very interesting conversation between Candace Owens and Steve Bannon.


I find Steve’s knowledge of capitalism,and how he  explains capitalism when it’s allowed to be capitalism and how that can have major economic benefits for society as a whole,interesting and informative.


Addressing what’s been negatively impacting the economy over the years,as well as what’s being taught to the youth in schools and universities,as well as other underlying factors,is an effective way to go about it in my opinion.


Overlooking the indoctrination while promoting and working to implement measures to advance capitalism is foolish in my opinion.And addressing the indoctrination while overlooking what’s undermining capitalism is just as foolish. Not to mention disregarding the underlying spiritual element that has diabolical goals that many are overlooking is even more foolish still.


There are physical powers motivated by a spiritual element working to undermine American society and transform it into what falls in line with their twisted,demented,world view.They will never stop working to brainwash the youth and masses to accomplish it unless they are stopped or its counteracted.


And no matter how much you work to advance capitalism they have a different, very dangerous,insane and destructive ideology, and view of the way the world should be.And they will never stop working to advance it.That’s the point I think many are missing.