We have no affiliation or association with WSHH they are just the source of this disturbing information.


I’ve been emphasizing for years that a homosexual is a pedophile. They are now emboldened because of Obama’s policies that include the legalization of homosexual marriage and even more sick behavior he’s trying to push as Biden functions as his puppet and the puppet of the radical liberal left.


They have actually been convinced this abominable, infectious, nasty, disgusting, disease-producing, behavior, is okay.


Just because Obama, his holdovers, and others, have falsely convinced them as much. So Much so that they are now prowling black neighborhoods looking for innocent, unsuspecting, little boys and girls, as prey.


But only in this instance, in his desire to satisfy his perverted, insatiable lust, he probably almost lost his life trying to procure some thug penis. Don’t ever trust these deviants under any circumstances. You do it to your physical and spiritual destruction as a black community. 


You have enough problems as a community don’t invite this spiritual and physical cancer into an already volatile situation which only serves to undermine and destroy the black community even more profoundly than all the other problems and issues that it’s dealing with.


Never accept or embrace a homosexual, bisexual or lesbian unless they admit they are wrong and are sincerely willing to change. Because if not they will be laser-focused on trying to turn out and draw others into the destructive and corrupting lifestyle. To trust and accept them in their present perverted, evil condition, is absolutely foolish.  


Homosexuality is a mental illness! Stemming from perverse sexual behavior that produces a twisted and warped spiritual condition. Romans 1:18-32.  I also understand in a heated exchange your words can come out different than you intended.


But as a suggestion, using the term “bust your a$$” in such a situation was definitely the wrong choice of words to use and probably kept him around longer than you intended. But a great job in protecting black youth from pedophile/homosexual predators.