They now have secret pedophile rings where they sell little boys into a type of pedophile slavery where pedophiles pass them around like a joint and take turns with them. Sort of like a pedophile slave trade for little boys and girls. This is documented.


I find it interesting that the father and mother chose to wear masks while being in an open outside environment when none of their relatives wore masks in enclosed areas. To conceal their identities possibly because of fear and guilt?


I don’t know for certain but something in my spirit tells me the father and the mother know more than they let on. Doing thorough background checks on both of them to find out their sexual likes and habits would also probably be very helpful.


Also checking to see if they have received a substantial amount of money recently. Times are hard, selling the boys to the highest pedophile bidder is not far fetched at all. And especially if the parents are homosexual or bisexual themselves. Possibly hoping that selling them would help cover up their own sexual crimes. Or possibly even killing them to cover up their own sexual crimes against the boys. Keep pressing them.