I recently installed an SSL Certificate for this site thetruthplainansimple.info with this hosting company. To ensure all donations can be done safely and securely  Everything was working fine until just recently when they without notifying me removed the SSL Certificate.


I’m not sure why they would just suddenly remove the SSL Certificate without notifying me while I was under the impression the site was still secure to process donations.


I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please stay tuned as I work to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, until the issue is resolved the system won’t allow you to make donations.


Even if you try to make a donation the credit card processor will prevent it because it will detect that the site isn’t secure. You will know the site is secure when you see the lock symbol in url field is locked. When you see the phrase  “Not Secure” you know the site is not secure. 




UPDATE : 12/5/2019- The site is now once again secure to accept donations. It was explained to me by the company that it was not set up to redirect to SSL Secure status. In addition to some other issues.


Probably because of some changes I had made to resolve the video playing issue which probably conflicted with the SSL Certificate.  So they had to remove the SSL Certificate. These issues have now been resolved and corrected


The site is now secure to make donations. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. But as I explained to them if this ever happens again without notifying me I will be forced to move the site to different servers. Thanks for your patience and understanding.