Question: How Do You Respond To Those Who Say You Do What You Do To Get Attention?


Donald Bohanon: It depends on what you mean when you say attention. If you are talking about drawing attention to God and the truth as is outlined in God’s word.


And dispelling the lies and false information that conflict with God’s word then yes. I would certainly be doing it for that kind of attention because that’s what we are commanded to do by God. And that’s why other true servants of God do it as well.


And I would be no different in that regard. The goal is always to draw attention to God and the truth outlined in his word.  But if you mean to get attention with the sole objective being to impress certain individuals, ie, liberal celebrities, etc, then absolutely not. Anyone who thinks I do it for that reason is absolutely ignorant and doesn’t know or understand me at all. Or what I’m doing.


Otherwise, they wouldn’t make ridiculous statements like that.  My goal from the very start has been to teach the truths of the Bible. Not garner the attention of wealthy liberal celebrities.


I could care less about what a liberal celebrity thinks about what I do, or anyone else for that matter. And their opinions and views have no impact on my decisions. Only God’s views impact my decisions. God’s work will be done God’s way. Not their way.


Now if I had come out in support of many of their twisted views and destructive agenda. I would be labeled a pioneer, knowledgeable, insightful, a trail-blazer, honest, a forward thinker, progressive, etc, etc, etc. As opposed to an attention seeker.


Only if my views line up with theirs would I then be praised and rewarded. And I will never accept any form of compensation from them with conditions that conflict with God’s word. True righteous God-fearing men and women can’t be bought. They don’t have a price.


Many of these deceived and blind individuals like to also equate speaking the truth with being negative. But how can speaking the truth be negative when this truth, if followed, is going to save hundreds of millions, actually billions, of physical and spiritual lives? Can they be any more twisted, backward, and out of touch in their reasoning?


In reality, they are the real negative ones because they practice support and promote negative destructive behavior that’s going to eventually have widespread catastrophic consequences. There is nothing more negative than contributing to and being complicit in the destruction of millions and billions of lives and souls by the hand of an angry God.


The motivation is not to get the attention of liberal celebrities and or wealthy liberals in hopes of impressing them. Many who live in complete defiance of God’s word and promote rebellion against God’s word, and wouldn’t be my kind of people to associate with anyway.


So why would I want to impress them when in most cases we have nothing at all in common and don’t share the same views or world view? How much sense does that make? Many of them think because they have money they should be worshipped and you instead should flock to them.


They feel because they are insanely wealthy all their evil acts should be overlooked and they should automatically be viewed as righteous God figures. While many, in reality, being abominably evil (George Soros and others). Many of these individuals will do anything for money or to satisfy their filthy ungodly sexual lusts and draw others into it.


And I mean anything. No matter how twisted evil and offensive to God it is. But it comes with very, very, serious consequences. And I don’t care who it is, or how influential, wealthy and powerful they are, if they aren’t on board and fully committed to turning this destructive violence, sexual perversion and immorality, sorcery/witchcraft and racism (on both sides) around, it’s in your best interest as a nation to remove them out of positions of power. And their wealth means nothing to righteous Godly men and women.


All righteous men see is the character, as it’s defined by God’s word. And if you don’t have that, and instead are greedy and wicked, you are an absolute offense in God’s eyes. And God commands the righteous to avoid those kinds of individuals (if unrepentant) at all costs.


Normally when you have views that conflict with theirs or you expose them and their lies, they normally respond with ridiculous claims like that. Among other forms of biased, inaccurate, criticisms, lies and or slanders, and false claims. In many cases falsely accusing you of being who and what they are. And doing what they really do in secret.


My goal and objectives have always been to teach the truth to the masses and impress God. Not liberal celebrities. I could care less what delusional, arrogant,  hypocritical, self-righteous, prideful, egotistical, self-glorifying, liberal celebrities (which include false ministers) think about what I say and do.


As much as they would like to think that, and deceive themselves, nothing I do is centered around them or based on impressing them. That’s really ridiculous and shows how ignorant and arrogant they really are. And how much they are totally missing the point and the objective.


They only normally come to mind when I see something they’re doing that can be defined as misrepresenting God and very destructive and I call them out on it. But outside of that their views regarding what I do and why I do it are irrelevant to me.


And I would listen to advice about morality and character from a poor man who has both character and morality as the Bible defines it before I would ever heed the words of a filthy rich individual who has neither character or morality as the Bible defines it.


And nothing that I do is to get their attention or impress them. In many cases, they are the real attention seekers. Not the other way around. They will understand what I was doing in due time.


And will realize they should have been listening and acting (if they don’t make changes) as opposed to criticizing. I don’t necessarily have any bad feelings against them or anyone else. They are just obviously ignorant, blind, and ill-informed. That’s the truth of the matter.