I touched on this very disturbing  and dangerous movement quite some time ago in the article below.The efforts of Big Business in forcing citizens to conform to a set of radical liberal views is now becoming more obvious,widespread and prevalent.


And it will only get worse if it’s allowed to continue, without bringing all Big Business to a heel.With such financial juggernauts,with radical liberal views,wielding so much power and influence, we’re fast approaching a totalitarian or authoritarian state controlled by liberal fascist.


But only in this case by way of  unregulated Big Business.The regulating of monopolies like Facebook,Google,Paypal, Walmart, just to name a few,is critical in insuring the financial might and influence of these businesses can never be used to undermine democracy.Swaying election outcomes by influencing corrupt politicians through bribes is just one of many examples.Which is certainly what’s happening now and will only get progressively worse if not swiftly acted upon.  


And make no mistake about it,that is the primary objective of radical liberals,working to covertly further their liberal agenda,while inconspicuously undermining democracy  by way of  unregulated Monopolies/Big Businesses like Google,Facebook,Paypal,Pepsi,etc.


Although I disagree with a lot of what Tucker Carlson reports about, commentates on,as well as his views about certain topics.I believe he and his guest are spot on in their recommendations and evaluation of what is really happening under the influence of corrupt, unregulated Big Business, with very destructive and ultra radical liberal views. 



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