President Donald Trump Explains Why He Took Time Before Speaking About The Charlottesville Virginia Riots.


President Trump explains why he didn’t respond immediately to the riots in Charlottesville Virginia.Getting all the facts was important before responding to the Charlottesville riots is how President Trump explained it.And it does make sense considering it would be the proper and wise thing to do.


Not unlike what many former Presidents have done in the past, including former President Barack Obama.Wait for all the facts to come out before speaking prematurely or too quickly.


President Trump also correctly pointed out there was violence from both the “Alt Right” and the “Alt Left” as the video above clearly shows.But predictably the far left liberal media chose to shed the spotlight on just one group, while totally disregarding the egregious, violent behavior,of those associated with the radical liberal left/alt left.


President Trump also reminded the liberal press he has repeatedly condemned violence and racist organizations like the Neo Nazis and the KKK on numerous occasions, but as always the liberal media rarely if ever chooses to point that out.


The President also emphasized he was working hard at building up the inner cities and that it was priority of his,but not surprisingly the far left liberal media chose to conveniently redact those positive statements, and or portion of the speech.The same liberal media that allowed Hillary Clinton’s praise of a former KKK leader to go largely unreported (the video of that praise filled eulogy can be seen above) but yet crucifies President Trump because he waited to respond to a very racially charged incident?


Condemning all evil and injustice whether it’s in the form of racism,violence,or the promotion and practicing of destructive sexual perversions, etc,should be the motivation and consensus.


While working towards unifying the races under the banner of truth.Truthfully and honestly acknowledging our own faults,shortcomings,prejudices and imperfections, while sincerely working tirelessly to correct our own faults,prejudices and shortcomings.


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