Question:You Said That A Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Would Strike The East Coast, But When It Made Landfall It Would Weaken Into A Tropical Depression.So What Happened?



Donald Bohanon:I don’t think you are paying  attention to what was said in my prophetic statement.I said it would approach the east coast and weaken into a tropical depression after making land fall,in relation to the east coast,and the east coast would be spared major damage.The east coast is not the gulf coast.Unfortunately I’m convinced my prophetic statement may be yet to occur.


And quite honestly,sorry to say, depending on God’s disposition will determine if it fizzles out or is very destructive.God informs us in Ezekiel 8:18 that In times of distress and when he chastises the nation in fury he wont give an ear to pleas for mercy from arrogant,evil,disobedient people.That certainly would  explain why God chose not to spare the states of Florida and Texas damage. 


Similar to a statement I made a year or so ago about a brutal heatwave gripping the nation, it initially took a while to happen and that’s because God spoke to me through his spirit and told me he heard what was prophesied, but delayed acting because there were individuals listening to everything I was saying, because of the accuracy of all my other  previous statements, and were planning to use it as means to exploit the nation at that time through acts of terror.


The nation was eventually plagued by not just one heatwave,but several brutal heatwaves in succession, as an example of God expressing  his fierce wrath at the immoral direction the nation was taking.I think this may be a similar situation. I believe other hurricanes may be  yet to follow.


Not because meteorologist predicted it, because I predicted this would happen in more specific terms, before they predicted the possibility of any activity.Remember we haven’t had a hurricane strike the U.S. in over a decade.Despite the many previous failed predictions of meteorologist and climate scientist, as it relates to predictions of hurricanes striking the U.S. of which none of them panned out.


Not to suggest meteorologist don’t perform a very important function, but only that their specific long term predictions have always failed miserably for the most part.Don’t believe me, just check their history.


We’ve had several hurricane seasons with virtually no hurricane activity, and over  decade without one hurricane making landfall in the U.S, despite all the previous failed predictions from meteorologists..But now after I prophesy a hurricane will strike the U.S. in specific terms as it relates to strength,etc, it does? What are the odds of that happening?But if you know my history you know its not a coincidence.


After I made that prophetic statement,storm producing activity in the oceans began to ramp up. Check the dates.Most of them made their predictions after I made mine.Something they have done in the past.But the focus is not me, because this is not about me, but about God’s wrath because of the sins of the nation,and what you need to do to stop it.


Although the possibility God chose to target the gulf coast instead of the east coast is a real possibility as well,because of the many sexual sins and abominations being practiced in those areas.With the exception of sparing the state property damage, everything else happened as I explained in my prophetic statement.


For instance, I said it would form into a category 4  hurricane but later changed that prediction, only eventually stating it would be very powerful,for fear the the liberal media would intentionally distort the strength of the hurricane in an effort to discredit me…(THE STATEMENT CAN BE FOUND BELOW)


Unfortunately it did strengthen into a category 4 hurricane.I also said there would be evacuations and there were evacuations.I said it would weaken into a tropical depression and apparently it has or is about to.


I also apologized for the economic loss that would be suffered and unfortunately there was major economic loss as well.All those things happened  specifically as I said, with the exception of the state being spared extensive damage.It could have been that God chose not to spare the state extensive damage and chose the gulf coast instead of the east coast for various reasons.Because ultimately God is in control and performs his will.But he obviously brought this about in such a way as to mirror what I said in my statement to prove I’m his servant.


And I never said God would stop punishing the nation for its sins,unless it departed from those abominable sins,or if God saw that men in leadership were working aggressively to insure God’s will was done in relation to these issues.


God is very angry and I’m convinced there are sins being practiced in Texas that are very offensive such as the widespread promoting and practicing of  homosexuality,bisexuality,lesbianism,transgenderism,racism,etc,in many areas of the state.No state is exempt from God’s wrath and they wont be if they don’t repent of these abominable sins.


It’s sad and unfortunate that some areas had to experience damage and flooding,but ultimately the nation is responsible in large part because of it’s own sins.In that it supports,promotes and practices,very corrupting,destructive and offensive sexual sins,etc.


I take no delight in watching destruction and suffering of this magnitude.That’s why I’m telling you what needs to be done to stop it. If you think this event was catastrophic you haven’t seen anything  yet if you continue down the path you are going.I’m trying to prevent that from happening.


Make no mistake about it hurricane harvey’s destruction was painful and sad to watch, but America and it’s citizens are ultimately responsible because of what they support,promote and practice.So ultimately you can’t blame me because I don’t control the weather, and you can’t blame God, you only have yourselves to blame because of the evil you continue to promote and practice..The fact that you support and promote it makes you complicit and guilty of it yourselves in God’s eyes.It’s just like you’re doing it yourselves.


The solution to these kinds of destructive scenarios is departing from abominable sins.Cease to promote and practice it,in word and deed,and outlaw it.That’s the solution, and if not you can unfortunately expect more of this kind of destruction.At which point not even the east coast,or any coast for that matter will be exempt from God’s wrath.  


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