Updated 07-01-2017



Sorry for the inconvenience and economic loss this prophetic statement will result in as a result of lost revenue.But I feel it needs to be done to expose the false prophets an frauds who claim to be prophets but exercise and display no power.


This is done to glorify God and prove God is backing and using me and not those who teach false doctrine but yet claim to be prophets and apostles. As a way to keep the focus on the man God wants you to pay attention to.Which is me. Because your listening to the instruction I provide is critical to the survival of the nation.


Because the message I’m delivering in regards to departing from specific behaviors is the message God wants you to hear. If you heed the message and instruction you will live and survive as a nation, and if not, you wont.


This prophetic statement is done to prove that God is delivering this message through me in hopes that you will heed the warning delivered,and depart from the specific sins that greatly anger God..


A massive hurricane will form in the ocean and approach the east coast and will continue to strengthen as it approaches landfall.


It will be so big and powerful that some states will evacuate for fear of the devastation it will cause.But just when it appears it will make landfall and cause major damage it will eventually weaken into a tropical depression causing very little damage.


At which point all the evacuees will return to their homes intact. I wont give a specific date as to when these things will occur because there are groups who hate the U.S. and will try and use this as an opportunity to exploit the situation for dubious and diabolical reasons. It will be done on God’s time because he knows when to do it to offset the possible scenario outlined. But the event will transpire as I outlined.


I updated the statement as it relates to the time frame between June 20,2017 – the end of July 2017  giving no specific date or window as to when this event will take place.


So as not to give any enemies of the country a window of opportunity to engage in any dubious and dangerous acts against the country. This way they wont know when to plot anything, because they wont have a time frame in which to do it.


A previous prophetic statement I made a year or so ago about a brutal heat wave striking the nation which would cause roads to buckle and power grid failures(although there was no time frame given)took a bit longer than usual to occur.


But God was informing me at that time through his spirit that he heard what was prophesied but delayed it because there were enemies of the nation plotting attacks against the nation because they were paying close attention to what I was saying, and were planning to act accordingly,because of the accuracy of my previous prophetic statements.



The prophesy of a brutal heat wave impacting the nation was eventually fulfilled not only once but repetitively,with several brutal heat waves striking the specific areas outlined because of their abominable sins,one after the other, unfortunately resulting in much damage and loss.But I feel this was necessary to wake the nation up to make them aware of the sins that were greatly angering God.


This statement has been updated to prevent a similar scenario like the previous one from taking place to prevent that from happening again.I also removed the strength of the hurricane because the dishonest liberal media can basically rate it whatever they want to, as a way to discredit me. Just know it will be big and powerful.




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Category 4 Hurricane Maria Devastates Puerto Rico Eventually Weakens Into A Tropical Storm When Making Landfall On The U.S. East Coast.