Not everything is being shown in this video.There are portions left out which show the officer was extremely remorseful after he shot Philando. It’s also been reported that the officer had received a call earlier about a robbery suspect  in the area who fit the description of Philando Castile before he pulled Philando and his fiance over.


And although that doesn’t necessarily justify the shooting in my opinion, it does give us a glimpse into the mindset of the officer before the shooting which may have prompted him to react the way he did,after also instructing Philando three times not to pull his gun out. Being on edge after receiving a call of a robbery suspect in the area who resembled Philando can certainly create anxiety and anxious moments, as well as overreaction to perceived threats.


It’s sad and terrible that Philando had to lose his life.But based on what I’ve seen I don’t believe for one moment the officer had malicious intent in his heart or intentionally set out that day to kill a black man when he shot Philando.