Q&A:Why Do You Say Santa Claus Is A Fictional Character When He’s Not?


Donald Bohanon: The Santa Claus that’s depicted in many movies  and who is celebrated on Christmas,who rides a sleigh that’s pulled by flying reindeer.The Santa Claus who visits the four corners of the globe while delivering presents to every child on the face of the earth,is a false and fictional character.


Now I have heard about Saint Nick who delivered gifts to kids in a particular parish on the holidays and who is where the concept of the fictional Santa Claus originated from. But that is not the fictional Santa Claus that’s celebrated by many people throughout the world on Christmas.


He is just the origin that the concept of Santa Claus originated from.The false Santa that rides a fictional airborne sleigh,who delivers gifts to millions of kids around the globe and who is acknowledged by millions on Christmas is a fictional character.