Q&A: You Made A Prophecy A While Ago Stating That The Homosexual Community Would Be Plagued By A Terrible Plague What Happened?



Question: You Made A Prophecy A While Ago Stating That The Homosexual Community Would Be Plagued By A Terrible Plague, What Happened?


Donald Bohanon: Prophecy doesn’t always happen when you expect it to happen but it always happens in accordance with God’s timing, will, and purpose. For example, there have been many prophecies prophesied by old testament prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Joel, and Ezekiel, that have yet to take place. Ezekiel spoke of prophecies about Isarels’s captivity but at that time Israel was already in captivity.


What they didn’t understand was Ezekiel was speaking of future captivity. Should those prophets have been stoned to death considering the prophecies had not come to fruition yet and many didn’t know they were in a future context?  This is the danger in listening to false unlearned ministers and teachers/ prophets and who reject God’s doctrines and word.


Most who are governed by their perverted lusts and greed and who engage in all kinds of perverse behavior secretly and who don’t serve God and Christ at all and don’t know or understand God’s word because they can’t receive the Holy Spirit because they refuse to follow the requirements to receive it and the Holy Spirit is essential to understanding God’s word Romans 16:17-18.


We don’t dismiss them as false prophets because many prophecies that they foretold did in fact happen. Isaiah, for instance, foretold the birth, suffering, and death of Jesus Christ before it even happened, as well as other prophecies that took place. Isaiah: 53. But Isaiah and Joel have also prophecied about the coming great a terrible day of the lord, for instance, that has yet to take place.


The same thing applies to Jeremiah, he foretold the conquering of Judah by the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar but instead of believing him, they persecuted him. Jeremiah has also prophesied of events yet to take place. But as repayment for King Zedekiah’s persecution of Jeremiah and plotting Jeremiah’s death, God put it in King Nebuchadnezzar’s heart to kill King Zedekiah’s sons right before his eyes with a sword, and then blind King Zedekiah by burning his eyes out with a stake and throwing him into prison. By sending or allowing a spirit to motivate King Nebuchadnezzar to do it.


But King Nebuchadnezzar on the other hand (although considered by many to be one of the most ruthless Kings in Bible history and having some of the bloodiest hands in Bible history) was chastised, blessed, loved, and called a servant by God because of the favor he showed God’s servant Jeremiah. And because he had reverence and respect for God. 


King Nebuchadnezzar helped save Jeremiah’s life. And that afforded him serious favor from God. And it’s not surprising when you consider God says in Matthew 10:41-42 if an individual receives a prophet or a righteous man in the name of a prophet or a righteous man that individual will receive a prophet or a righteous man’s reward.


A prophet or righteous man’s reward is favor and mercy in this life, and eternal life and rulership in the kingdom of God to come.  In other words, just because he or she acknowledges a righteous man or a prophet for who and what they are, respects them, and shows them favor the reward of the righteous man or prophet is automatically transferred to that individual.


This is how God operates. The thief Dismas who was crucified with Jesus was also another example of how mercy and favor shown towards God’s servants is transferred to those who exercise it. It’s a way to receive mercy and favor from God that many are not aware of because they have no deep understanding or thorough knowledge of God’s word.


But the last thing King Zedekiah saw because of his treachery was his sons being killed by the sword something that would be etched in his mind forever. Because God loved Jeremiah that much.  Jeremiah 52:1-11. God’s wrath was visited upon King Zedekiah in such a way because King Zedekiah plotted Jeremiah’s death and disobeyed God’s commands proclaimed through Jeremiah.


What do you think God would have done if King Zedekiah had actually followed through with what he planned, if even the thought of killing Jeremiah was so offensive, and the punishment so harsh?  Now, some may ask the question ” I thought God didn’t tempt people to do evil?” Well, in God’s eyes punishing the persecution of his servants is not considered evil but a righteous act.


In other words, punishing the wicked for harming the righteous is every bit righteous in God’s eyes. Or God putting it in the heart of a ruler or King to conquer a nation or people and punish them because of their abominable sin is not considered evil, but good in God’s eyes, because it involves destroying the evil that’s the source of all the pain, suffering, and problems. So in cases like that, it wouldn’t be considered tempting someone to do evil. But using them as tools to punish evil and accomplish good in God’s eyes. 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9.


There are also examples of Daniel and others being persecuted. Daniel, for example, was thrown into the lion’s den because he refused to worship an idol. The individual who plotted Daniels’s death was eventually thrown into that same lion’s den with his whole family and they were all eaten alive by the lions that he had hoped would kill Daniel.


The King instead joyfully took Daniel out of the lion’s den after he had survived the whole night because God stayed the mouths of the lions so they wouldn’t hurt Daniel. And he then threw the man who had hoped Daniel would be killed, and his family, into that same den, and they were killed by the lions instead.


And God brought it all about because he sought to kill Daniel, God’s prophet. God loved Daniel as well. God referred to Daniel as his beloved. God didn’t just love these prophets he loved them with a Godly jealously.  It’s love in a whole different stratosphere. Far above human love. Daniel 6.


Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are other examples, they were cast into a fiery furnace but came out unscathed. But the individuals who threw them into the furnace were consumed by the same flames but Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were unharmed by the flames.


Make no mistake about it, God caused those flames to shoot out and consume the men who threw them into the furnace. This was probably one of the beginnings of God powerfully revealing himself to King Nebuchadnezzar and him beginning to realize that God’s servants were different and not just the run of the mill false religious figures who garnered no favor from God.


This obviously begins to really affect King Nebuchadnezzar’s perception of God’s servants and change the way he dealt with them, but rest assured God was instrumental in the whole process as he saw salvageable traits in  King Nebuchadnezzar like his reverence for the true God and respect for his servants. Daniel 3:16-30 KJV.  God intervening mightily for his prophet Abraham in Genesis 12:17, and Genesis 20: 2-18 is another example of God’s love for his servants.  The takeaway from this is that God shows favor to, protects, and blesses those who bless his servants. 


But in contrast, he will destroy you and everything you love if you seek to harm his servants. Whether it’s the perpetrator, the persecutor, or the instigator the outcome will be similar in accordance with the offense. And it’s not surprising when you consider God says in Exodus 20:5 that he repays the sins of the fathers to the children to the third and fourth generation of those that hate him. How much more does that apply to sinning against God’s servants? And make no mistake about it hate for God’s servants, God views as hate for him.


My prophecy about a coming punishment on the homosexual community and any other group that rebels against God in abominable ways is coming in time. In accordance with God’s timing and will.


Why?  because there are many verses in scripture about how God is going to punish this kind of twisted rebellion and in many cases, it involves plagues and incurable disease, and other calamities. Like my prophecies about other things have come to pass. But prophecies about some specific events may take decades and even centuries to come to fruition in some cases.


But you can rest assured if the man is a prophet of God it will happen, just give it time. Some are more immediate and others take time as the major and minor prophets can validate. But let me also clarify that there are certainly false prophets deceiving many people today but there are few key ways to know them. False prophets will be in error about immediate prophecy. Like, say, for instance, claiming that a certain individual will be healed on a specific day and time, etc, but it doesn’t quite pan out that way. 


False prophets also almost always claim God came to them in a dream, but God says they are lying and he has not spoken to them as is emphasized in  Jeremiah 23:14-20, and Jeremiah 23:25-29. And the information they claim to have received from God never happens as they say. As I have outlined in previous audios. False prophets make major announcements and predictions that don’t come true as is emphasized in Deuteronomy and other verses and books in scripture.


 False prophets and false servants also promote rebellion against God and teach rebellion against God’s commandments and word but yet at the same time falsely claim to represent him. 


Jesus Christ, true prophets, and apostles have always kept God’s commandments and word as a whole. And many emphasized the coming of Jesus Christ to establish His government here on earth. True prophets will be teaching and promoting God’s doctrine which is based on keeping God’s commandments and his word as a whole.


They all did this. Because it’s commanded by God. They will also be proclaiming the return of Jesus Christ to establish His government here on earth. Every righteous man or prophet is required to keep God’s commandments and word. And if they are not teaching and following them they are imposters who serve their own bellies and not God according to God’s word. Romans 16:17-18, 1 John 2:3-6, 2 John 9


And when they speak a prophecy it will come to fruition either immediately or later. A true prophet will also have a track record of accuracy in relation to his prophecies and if there are one or two that don’t seem to be coming to fruition just give it some time.


If you are focusing on the one that hasn’t happened yet you must also focus on all the ones that did actually happen as well, to determine if he is authentic or not. But he will have a track record of accuracy and success while meeting all the other requirements above. Stay tuned for more audios.

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