Question: Q&A: Why Do You Take Long Breaks Between Putting Out Content/Audios?


Donald Bohanon: Because I have to contend with many things. I have to try to generate money under the umbrella of relentless persecution. In the form of perverse individuals and groups in positions of power in many companies that offer services that are crucial to the way I generate money acting as roadblocks because of the truth I put out.


Because people ignorantly and foolishly support these types of individuals and groups and in so doing enrich them financially and put them in positions of power to persecute the righteous and decent who don’t capitulate to their perverted sexual demands and thereby empower them to do more abominable evil. They are essentially strengthening the hands of the evildoers as the Bible says. Not to mention the unjustified persecution coming from friends, family, and foe, in the form of lies, slanders, and harassment, as the Bible said it would. Matthew 10:36.


This makes it much harder for me to advance at the pace I would like to but not impossible. This in turn makes it harder to focus on putting out content on a regular basis. If I didn’t have to contend with so many things and jump over so many hurdles I would be consistent in putting out content. And I remain undaunted by it all. But unfortunately, as they persecute me God will persecute you as a nation and them much worse than they persecute me and prevent you as a nation from moving forward.


I’m also a bit reluctant to put out content because I feel much of it is stolen by false ministers and twisted to lead the ignorant astray. I also find it amusing that those who generate large sums of money by breaking every biblical law and principle possible would criticize me for not being in the financial position they’re in.


They compromise and capitulate at every turn and go along with anything no matter how destructive and unbiblical it is as long as there is a dollar attached to it. They are essentially compensated to capitulate and compromise. But at the same time ignorantly and foolishly claim they’re real and keep it 100. 


I on the other hand am not for sale and don’t have a price because I know the eventual consequences for justifying the wicked for reward Isaiah 5:20-25, Proverbs 17:15. I’m also repulsed by the thought of associating with individuals who engage in that kind of perverse sexual behavior. The Bible also says it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and its riches through wicked means but yet lose his own soul as a result of it Mark 8:36


When you’re doing Satan’s work to generate wealth it makes it that much easier to prosper in this world. But that’s not to say it doesn’t come with its consequences later.  If I chose to generate wealth by lying, stealing, street hustling, political corruption, bank and securities fraud, drug dealing, pimping, promoting destructive content, supporting and promoting perverse sexual behavior, real estate fraud, Ponzi schemes, insurance fraud, establishing fake ministries to defraud people out of their money, credit card fraud, etc, etc, etc, I would probably blow past most of these self-proclaimed success stories so fast it would make their heads spin.



But none of that kind of nefarious behavior is an option for me because I live by a biblical standard that when followed eliminates all illegal and unbiblical behavior as options for moving forward. This makes it harder to generate money and move forward.


Many of these same individuals who generate vast sums of money by doing Satan’s work if faced with the prospect of doing it only the right way as God commands while being faced with persecution from all directions would in most cases be living in cardboard boxes on the side of the road somewhere.


As opposed to gloating and bragging about accumulating wealth while doing all of Satan’s bidding. Because they don’t have the knowledge, Bible-based character, and morality, or creativity, to do it any other way but Satan’s way. 


Wealth accumulation doesn’t define true leaders but knowledge, godly wisdom, and Bible-based character does. It’s also important to understand that what you desire as a servant of God if it’s not what God desires for you in terms of occupation and or wealth creation will never work out for you. I’m not ignorant of this fact either.


When you consider the fact that many companies won’t allow you off days when the Bible says you can’t work on a particular day or days it makes it that much harder to move forward and accumulate wealth.  Not to mention the Covid 19 mandate which has many Americans reluctant to return to work. So there are a few reasons why my content distribution hasn’t been consistent and these are some of them. But stay tuned more content will be coming soon.