I see you panther and lantern but what good is displaying it going to do? If you were really serious about it your actions would show it. Showing the box that houses it isn’t doing me or the work any good. If you are serious your actions would dictate that. Also, a man’s ability to keep a secret is as precious as his word.


If he can’t keep a secret his word is no good. If the individuals this is actually directed to are sharp they should be able to pick up on it. And this is not a message to the perverted homosexual or bisexual community which I’m sure a homosexual or bisexuals twisted demon-controlled mind will convince them that it is.


Because they are delusional and their thoughts are controlled by their father Satan. You are completely off base and have totally missed the mark and are living in a complete fantasy world courtesy of demonic delusion if that is your takeaway from this  Romans 1:18-32. This has nothing to do with sexual perversions. You will go away and stay away if you are wise.