Question: Why Aren’t You Married?


Donald Bohanon: Because the Bible says be not unequally yoked with the unbeliever. I’m not marrying a woman simply because she’s beautiful, wealthy, smart, etc, if her beliefs don’t line up with mine. Because I know that will never work. And will present a number of obstacles.


Now there are several women claiming to serve Christ but when you examine them you see their beliefs don’t line up with God’s biblical requirements nor do their behavior.


Simply put, finding a compatible Christian woman in this day and age is very difficult so it requires patience and trusting God. If it’s God’s purpose it will happen. And if not I can live with it. I think. Now I have had my share of women while living in defiance of God’s word but I always knew I would eventually be serving God at some point in my life.


And based on my observations of those women I knew they wouldn’t be compatible long term mates because of their personalities and so on. It was different at that time in that we lived like we wanted to live. That’s actually what attracted me to them, their personalities, beauty, and bodies


But serving God requires surrender of the self. And viewing things from a completely different perspective. In other words, you must change your behavior to reflect what God desires and requires of you.


That behavior must reflect what’s outlined in God’s word the Bible. It’s not about what you want or desire any longer its about what God wants from you and what he desires from you.


But its the best, most peaceful, as close to a problem-free life you will ever live. But that’s why God put those requirements in place so your life would be as problem-free as possible while you’re here on earth. Notwithstanding the occasional trial and test.


I knew based on their personalities many of them would not be compatible in that regard unless God intervened and changed them somehow. 


Most people just aren’t willing to make that level of sacrifice.  But if they truly understood the rewards I think many would be onboard.  It’s safe to say I loved them all but was not necessarily in love with them. With the exception of maybe one. And I was always concerned and hopeful life would turn out well for them and they would be happy. I still pray for many of them today.


Most were decent loving women (not perfect) but not what I would consider marriage material. The others were just something to do who I had no real feelings for. Only for sexual purposes primarily. Safe sex.


But I’m not married because of the biblical requirements the woman would have to meet. When it’s done that way it’s a happy spiritually productive union. When you try to do it your way you will run into a lot of headaches heartache and problems.