Question: What is wrong with having sex outside of marriage?


Donald Bohanon: If the man or woman does not live by any moral standard or boundaries, sex entering into the fray is much more of a possibility. Sex was created by God not only for reproduction but also as a bonding between man and woman, and if you don’t believe me, try being in a friendship with a male if you are a woman, or female if you are a man for a few months, then have sex with that person.


Then carefully compare how you feel and react to different circumstances as it relates to that person before and after sex. I’m not encouraging sex outside of marriage,just using this as an analogy .


If you are honest with yourself you will see that your emotional bond with that person is much different and stronger than it was before you had sex with the person, especially if the sex is very satisfying for both parties.


This can present a slew of problems later on in relationships as it relates to having children out of wedlock, and the problems that can and will produce. If the two parties are not really compatible at all but at that point are emotionally attached to some degree, the children may end up in one parent homes.


You may have an immature and irresponsible mother or father who is not providing the proper guidance, leadership, and emotional nurturing for the child or spouse, and the list of problems goes on.


Problems that can eventually wreck a family and destroy the spiritual, emotional and psychological, growth of both the children and spouse. Not to mention you will also greatly reduce your chances of catching the many sexually transmitted diseases that are now on the rise in society.


That is why it is better to date that particular person that you have an interest in. The Bible does not condemn dating, it can actually be considered a form of fellowshipping with a person of like thinking and beliefs, separate from sex outside of marriage.


This gives you time to know and gauge what type of person that you are dealing with, before determining whether you want to take it further by fully professing your commitment to and for this person.


You will also have that companionship on a social and slightly emotional level without running the risk of jumping into a situation with a person that you know very little about.



For that type of relationship to be maintained both parties must be fully committed to following the principles of God, which emphasize obedience to the commandments and the word of God as a whole, at which point you will have access to the holy spirit in terms of it dwelling with you and eventually dwelling inside of you St John 14:15-17. Both of which empowers and enables you to live and behave in the way that is pleasing to God, and correlates with his word.