A recent interview of  Texas Lt  Governor Dan Patrick by a Fox News Host was a bit confusing and disturbing on so many levels in my opinion. The Fox Host invited the Lt Governor on the show to discuss the nationwide transgender bathroom edict recently issued by the President.


This woman in my opinion may have given the demeaning term “blonde bimbo” a new level of validity in the eyes of some viewers. In the eyes of some she may have set the white female blonde population back decades. My advice to her is you may want to look to  Ivanka Trump as an example of an intelligent and eloquent blonde white woman.


I actually couldn’t believe what I was hearing, when she asked the Lt Governor if he could clarify exactly what he meant when he said parents wouldn’t allow boys into girls restrooms and locker rooms, and girls into boys restrooms and locker rooms, and that it would be disruptive and create chaos? She also made the ridiculous claim that molesters, for the most part, molest boys and not girls.


Could she be any more ignorant and misinformed? Or was she just throwing that misinformation out there in an effort to skew the facts and deceptively invalidate the Lt Governors argument? Being a news reporter where is she getting her information?  In my opinion, she was not very objective at all in interviewing the Lt Governor.


In all honesty and with all due respect, I agree with some of Donald Trump’s statements, as it relates to her not being objective, a good host or a good interviewer, or very intelligent. His words, not mine, I just happen to agree with some of his views. 


She came across as very ignorant, naive, arrogant, rude and demeaning. She may be just another media personality who is governed by her greed, in that she may support this trans agenda because it’s beneficial to do so, because her support of it may ultimately benefit her financially.


Sadly and unfortunately to be politically correct and to support perverse sexual behaviors and lifestyles in this present day has its advantages. I think the Governor’s stance on this issue is commendable, as well as other Governor’s who have followed suit in their rejection of this President’s unconstitutional edict.


A President with a warped perception of reality of the way the world should be. A President who appears to have the attitude and demeanor of a totalitarian dictator, as opposed to the leader of a free democracy.


A President who has disregarded the constitution time and time again to promote and legalize the vilest forms of sexual behavior.


My question to the American public is do you honestly think a man who is so passionate in his support of perversions, can at the same time be totally separate in terms of his participation in those same lifestyles and behaviors in every capacity? I’m convinced that you have not only a supporter of this behavior in the office of the President, but quite possibly a secret practicioner of the behavior as well.


God is not the author of confusion, but Satan is, and he is obviously influencing this President to promote, and fight for the legalization of sexual behaviors that fuel, and cultivate that confusion, behaviors that promote and perpetuate disorder, confusion and discord  1 Corinthians 14:33.


This is about so much more than just allowing transgender individuals to use the bathrooms of their choice. This is about gradually chipping away at every iota of established bible-based morality, under the deceptive guise of tolerance of every form of filthy, twisted, perverse, confusing behavior.



Step by step, piece by piece, until they have created a society where sexual perversions are considered legal, normal and moral, and morality as the bible defines it is deemed illegal and abnormal. Make no mistake about it, this is where this is heading, this is how this is all evolving.



It’s my understanding that Fox News is a conservative news station. But why so much support of far left liberal policies as of late?


Could it be trying appeal to a bigger, broader demographic, in an effort to reach more viewers which ultimately translates into more money? And if that is the case, and they’re willing to sacrifice their conservative values for money, what real purpose do they serve?


If so, they are no better than the liberal media in that regard, a foolish stance that will only serve to expedite the fall of the nation, as  more self-proclaimed, conservative, media outlets, jump on the politically correct gravy train, in an effort to increase their viewership, demographic and base, for increased profits.


When you begin to sacrifice your longstanding beliefs and values for money, your fast-paced fall, descent, and destruction, has finally begun. 


If you really care about conservative values get rid of the liberals and supporters of far left-liberal policies who masquerade as conservatives. I heard the host that did this interview with the governor was set to leave the Fox News Network soon, if that’s the case do yourselves and the nation a favor and let her go.


This is the kind of widespread behavior that God warns about in Isaiah 5:20-25 that will be punished terribly both physically and spiritually and will only expedite the fall of the nation. At some point, you have to ask yourselves how much money do you really need?


And how much are you really willing to sacrifice to get that money? Are you willing to trade your lives and the lives of your sons and daughters, both physically and spiritually for the money? Because this is really what it ultimately boils down to.


Fighting to uphold a standard that is pleasing to God will never be frowned upon by God. But calling evil good and good evil most certainly will, and will certainly expedite the judgment and punishment of God on this nation. I commend the efforts of Governors and decent moral men and women across this country, who are fighting for what’s right.


And more importantly, God is pleased when you stand for what’s right, moral and good in his eyes. This nation’s leaders have some critical, nation impacting decisions to make. Choose wisely, by allowing your moral conscience, and the fear of God to govern your decisions and actions. And may God fight for you.. Isaiah 5:20-25.


By Donald Bohanon