Question: LOL You Said Republicans Would Retain Control Of Both The House And Senate What Happened?


Donald Bohanon: I actually prayed  they would but God’s plans were obviously different and his will takes precedence over my will or any mans will.I actually initially saw what was unfolding.I explained to the President in an article right after he was elected that he would be blessed if he followed what was clearly outlined in that article.But if he didn’t act on what was outlined he would be cursed,hindered,and eventually brought low.


But he didn’t act immediately on the more serious abominable moral  issues and he was subsequently hindered and plaqued with all kinds of problems and political opposition.I’m convinced if he had acted he would have been much more successful.I was praying and hoping he would retain the house so he would be better equipped to fulfill God’swill.


But the word had already gone out and is obviously being fulfilled.I think God allowed the House Of Representatives to be taken to convince this President he means business. But at the same time gave Republicans an even larger majority in the Senate so they would be better equipped to get things done with no excuses.



But obviously at the same time a House turnover is hovering over their heads as a warning of what’s to come if they don’t act on the more serious abominable,moral issues,that face the nation.I’m convinced God is giving him/them another opportunity to do what he requires while at the same time letting him/them know he (God) is poised to fulfill and bring about what was originally prophesied.I’m convinced this is what’s taking place.


But he can prevent it by doing what God requires.God knows what he’s doing. I probably would have been better served in this situation to just keep silent and allow God to work out his will.Which is originally what I started to do. Instead of getting in my own way as it relates to what was originally prophesied.You can’t prophesy one thing and then come back and prophesy something contrary to what you originally prophesied.If the conditions for what was originally prophesied haven’t been met.It doesn’t work that way.I should have known better.


I felt the original prophecy is what God was working out but still felt if I prayed and acted on faith God would hear and allow the House to be retained. But obviously he had other plans.I’m convinced this is a sign to the President that he means business and expects what was originally outlined to be acted upon.


And if not I’m convinced they may be on the verge of losing in other ways.I would also advise the President to tone it down a bit and be more humble and act more Presidential and to give God the credit for his successes as opposed to attributing it all to himself and his efforts.This is very important as well and will insure he wins even bigger in the near future. You can read the original article below.



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