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By Donald Bohanon……Published Tuesday 11:48 Central Time.


Congratulations President Trump may you lead the nation with the fear of God in your heart and may God give you the wisdom  to govern and deal with the more serious moral issues that are greatly angering God and that if  not rectified will most certainly lead to fall of this nation. President Trump you have been elected to the most powerful office in the nation.


It’s important that you understand where your victory really came from. Although your exhaustive work and efforts in securing the office of the Presidency, certainly contributed to a degree,to your victory, make no mistake about it, that victory which no  one thought you would secure, came from the power of God and resulted in a shocking win and defeat of your opponent.


Some may argue it was the zeal and determination of the voters,or whatever, but make no mistake about it God was instrumental in putting that zeal and determination into the hearts of those voters to turnout. And I’m convinced that cursing the work of the hands of the previous President which God was instrumental in doing.


This lit the fire and was the seed and one example of God’s intervention that spurred that anger and determination, to push those voters go to out and vote for change. It probably never would have happened had God not cursed the works of the previous,defiant,rebellious President. This is how God has always worked,manipulating the situation or circumstance, through direct intervention to produce a desired affect or outcome.


We live in some very dangerous and critical times Mr. President and your decision in terms of the direction you will take, in addressing the more serious moral issues that are destroying this nation, will determine if you are successful and if the nation prospers and flourishes, or is cursed and destroyed by the hand of an angry God, as a result of your disobedience.


I think its important that you’re focused on doing what’s right in God’s eyes in terms of the more destructive,offensive moral issues, as opposed to doing what makes you popular or wealthier.


If you follow that philosophy I’m convinced you will be well on your way to being a successful President.But if you promote and push policy, bills and laws, that greatly anger God, simply to be accepted and because it makes you popular,you will be  cursed and hindered.


I’m convinced you are good and decent man who wants to do the right thing. And I pray that God will give you the wisdom, knowledge, courage, and fear of him, to do what you have been given that office to do.


And that is to address the more serious moral issues that are impacting this nation, like the promotion and legalization of perverse sexual behavior like homosexuality,lesbianism,bisexuality, pedophilia,mass murder in the urban neighborhoods and communities,mass abortion,racial discrimination,persecution and oppression, the promotion of black magic and sorcery,etc.


It’s important that you work diligently to remove sexual perverts and sexual deviants out of the highest positions of power,remove them out of positions of leadership and influence in general, because they will be cancers that spread,corrupt,pervert, infect and destroy the whole pool.


Producing more perverted sex addicts who are enslaved and shackled by their perverted  lust, and who’s judgment is clouded and integrity is corrupted, because their lust and desire for perverse sexual gratification will take precedence over sound judgment,ethical behavior and reason, and everything else.


Firing innocent,blameless,good employees, simply because they reject the sexual advances of these sexual deviants or because those employees disagree with their views. These are just some of many examples of this kind widespread unethical and illegal behavior.Sexual harassment and intolerance that’s at epidemic levels under the influence and authority of these sex addicts and sexual deviants. Something I myself have been a victim of over the years.Because of my position on these issues.


Perverted sexual addiction which is what homosexuality,lesbianism,bisexuality, etc are, corrupts and perverts even more profoundly and destructively than pride and greed. 


I also pray that you never adopt the attitude of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon for instance, who was so arrogant and self absorbed that he attributed all of his conquest and accomplishments to his own efforts….. Daniel Chapter 4.Or King Sennacherib of Assyria who boasted about all his conquest and attributed all those successes to his ingenuity, wisdom,knowledge and efforts exclusively…. 2 Kings 18:17-37,…2 Kings Chapter 19,…2 Chronicles Chapter 32.


Both who failed to see God had predetermined they would be exalted to their high positions.God dealt with them both harshly by destroying one, by wiping out his army and consequently raising up his own sons against him, which resulted in his own sons destroying him.And brought the other  King Nebudchadnezzar down very low, so low in fact that he lost his mind, which resulted in him dwelling with wild beast, eating grass, and ultimately losing his kingdom by the hand of God, in that God stripped his kingdom from him.


All because they both failed to give God the credit for their successes and conquest and behaved proudly in the sight of God. I’m convinced you were raised up for a reason President Trump, and that is to fulfill God’s will. I contacted you and told you as much, that you will be given this powerful position to accomplish a work.


Although I’m not sure if you received  that communication or correspondence. God raises men up and puts them in positions of power to accomplish his purposes and will, this has been proven over and over throughout history and biblical history.


God is able to insure your presidency Mr. Trump is a resounding success, and conversely if he is not acknowledged and obeyed he is able to make even a man of your wealth and status end up in the soup lines. Make no mistake about it.


I would pray and hope that you would not allow such a golden opportunity to insure the nation is pointed and guided in the right moral direction, to the overall benefit of the nation, to be squandered, as result of selfish, destructive, misguided counsel, from men who do not follow God fully, and are not qualified to speak for God as it relates to what he really expects from you, in terms of  the more serious moral issues.


Or who are not qualified to speak on his behalf because of selfish pursuits, motivated by greed, arrogance and ego, as these things if not checked and dismissed, could prove disastrous for the country and it’s citizens and yourself as well.


Many who wont utter a peep as to the importance of outlawing these perverse ungodly behaviors, but yet still claim to represent and speak for God. And  in all honesty who’s prayers go largely unheard because God does not hear the prayers of those who disobey him….Proverbs 28:9, .John 9:31.


I’m God’s anointed servant  appointed to deliver this warning  message,chosen to deliver this critical message to you. It’s of critical importance that you identify the man God is working through, and the voice you should be heeding and acknowledging, as it relates to the more offensive moral issues that are being promoted in this country. 


And it’s equally as important that you act on this instruction to fulfill God’s purposes as it relates to these issues. God is angry Mr. President at all the evil and perversion he sees,but just like every “True Prophet” before me I can go to him in prayer and ask that he stay his hand, or ask that he show his displeasure as it relates to specific issues, and he will hear me as he always has, and it has never failed, in accordance with his will and my obedience.


If it’s in line with his will and I am obedient he will hear me and perform it no matter what I ask.Go to the category “Prophecy” and you will see many examples of God acting on my behalf and or fulfilling my prophetic statements.


 It’s also important that you understand who wields the real power here Mr. President  and that is God.He is able to exalt you high or abase you very low….1 Samuel 2:6


Your humility  in terms of acknowledging God as the supreme authority and power, and being obedient to instruction that’s coming from his chosen servant, his Prophet, in these end times is critical to the success and survival of this nation.


This is not about arrogance and ego on my part because this is not about me,but simply about accomplishing God’s will and purpose.I’m just fully aware of who I am and what I have been called to do.


And how important that responsibility is to the survival of the nation. And my works and the doctrine I promote and teach testify and prove I am who I say I am.But its not important that you acknowledge me openly, that’s not important, as long as you are giving heed to this critical information quietly.This is what’s really important.


There may be those who are encouraging you not to listen to me, but God will move them out of the way in some way shape or form, if they persist in trying to undermine or interfere with the will of God,in order to establish a crucial and important communication line between the two of us,if it’s his will.


How he does that is his call, but keep your eyes open you will see these things happen as a sign to you that God is using and speaking through me.And that it’s important that you hear what I have to say and act on it. Throughout biblical history God’s “True Prophets” have counseled Kings and leaders in an effort to avert impending destruction, purposed by God, as result of the abominable sins of those nations and people.And he is doing it once again through me.


I entreated God and prayed to him to give you this office, as well as all the tools and support needed to fulfill his will and purpose because the other candidate was hell bent and committed to defying God in the most abominable, destructive ways.And simply was not someone God could work with or through.She simply was not an option and could not be entrusted with such a powerful office in such critical times.She was and still remains an enemy of God, and what she sought to promote and implement would have most assuredly resulted in the collapse and destruction of this nation.


As well as many politicians like her who quote bits and pieces of scripture periodically in an effort to paint a false picture of  individuals who supports and follow God, but who’s actions in terms of what they support and practice clearly prove otherwise……..2 Timothy 2:19, Titus 1:16, 


You on the other hand Mr. President I feel are a reasonable man who I feel has a respect for God and the things God desires. You are President today not simply because of your own efforts, because no expert expected you to win despite your efforts. But more importantly because God had purposed it, and has given you this powerful office for an important work that he expects to be fulfilled.


You have your part to do and I have my part to do. If these critical moral issues are not addressed and rectified you will not be successful, and you will not be able to prevent the nations descent into destruction.


I’m not a politician so you can seek counsel for the political issues from political experts, unless of course those political issues and political experts  conflict (in abominable ways) with the will and word of God. But heeding counsel from those politicians is another thing altogether. I would advise you use strong discretion when determining if you will follow that counsel.


But I would encourage you to be a peace maker with those who want peace (because this is God’s will) who builds bridges of cooperation between nations. I would encourage you to lift sanctions that were unjustifiably implemented as a form of spite and dislike,created under a deceptive cloud and narrative of a fight against a perceived threat.


Pushing an agenda which is contrary to the will of the citizens of specific nations.But I would encourage you to closely monitor the actions and behavior of those who claim to want peace to insure their actions parallel with their words. I would also encourage you to be mindful of the food you eat, and who is serving it to you. I would advise you have your own personal chef who you can trust,someone who can’t be bought.


The President before you was an enemy of God in that he promoted behaviors and lifestyles that God detests.And because of it the works of his hands were cursed and he will go down in history as one of the biggest Presidential failures.


Because he was wise in his own eyes and prudent in his own sight,in that he thought he was wiser and knew more than God,and outright rejected and scorned God’s counsel and instruction.Something that God despises and warns against in his word Isaiah 5:20-25, because it cultivates pride and arrogance, and pride and arrogance blinds, corrupts,perverts and destroys.


Don’t allow him to be an example that you emulate, and I would advise you not to give an ear to his counsel in relation to the moral issues I am expounding on, here in this article, lest you fall into a snare. Don’t be fooled he will be fighting aggressively behind the scenes to offset and undermine your success as it relates to specific issues.All because he wants to solidify his legacy and promote his ungodly agenda as opposed to doing what’s right and acknowledging God, something he has never done.


He is not someone you should be listening to about moral issues or seeking to emulate as it relates to those things. You will be surrounded by many people who tell you what you want to hear, to get close to you or get on your good side,as opposed to what you need to hear. I think its important to develop an ability to cut through or see through the aforementioned, but acknowledge and seek  advice from the latter.


Satan will use many men in power to try to appeal to your vanity, in other words they will work at stroking your ego, to get you do things that may greatly offend and anger God.He will use them to try and inflate your ego, by making you believe you alone are the sole reason you are President today. Others will try to play on your sympathy to get you to do things that will greatly anger and offend God.


But if you buy into these forms of satanic deception you will be misguided,blinded by your pride ego and arrogance,offend and anger God, taken off course, and fail miserably.And you will see the wrath of God exhibited and displayed in the headlines daily, with America on a fast track to collapse and destruction, and every citizen along with it, including you and yours..


But If you obey instruction as it relates to these moral issues Mr President you will be very successful, and the nation will benefit greatly and be blessed. But if not you will be cursed and the nation will continue to descend into chaos and destruction. I will also entreat God that he gives his angels charge concerning you, to protect and watch over you like a mother grizzly protects and watches over her cubs.


Because I’m convinced there are wicked, ungodly men, who you will rub the wrong way, and who will seek to do you harm for following that which is good. But I will pray for you, and no harm will come to you as long as you are focused on fulfilling God’s will and doing what’s pleasing in his eyes.


But if you defy God and follow the rebellious, defiant example, of the President before you, you will be cursed and brought low.Congratulations once again Mr. President.I wish you much success as you heed and follow God’s instruction in relation to the more serious moral issues outlined here. More articles and correspondence will be forthcoming.