Question: Is What You Teach Original Or Is It Borrowed From The Churches Of God?


Donald Bohanon: Practically everything I teach is original content and comes from studying scripture myself and from direct revelation from God as I study his word.


Now in all fairness I have learned a great deal from the true churches of God, as it relates to doctrine and other things. But I have learned just as much from studying God’s word myself and from direct revelation from God as I’ve studied.


If you’ve noticed I don’t agree with all aspects of the Holy Day Plan which the church teaches and I will be doing an audio very soon explaining why not and providing a preponderant amount of scripture to validate and prove my position.


Other audios for instance like “Lion Of Judah: The Bloody And Violent Return Of Jesus Christ”,’Pride The Pipeline To Satan’s Total Control And Influence”,”Climate Change Or Wrath Of God?”,”The Merciful Shall Obtain Mercy”, ‘The Fear Of God What Does It Really Mean?”, “Are You A Hater Of God?”, ‘The Importance Of  Good Works?”,”Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed”, etc, are all original pieces of work of which all the content came from direct revelation and study of God’s word, and not necessarily from any information or literature I have read from the Churches.


In fact, if you examine it,you will see much of what I teach in those audios in many respects differs somewhat from  what the Churches teach. I agree with the true Churches on their basic doctrinal foundation and teachings, but not on everything.


And what I teach should be obvious and bear that out. And although I have learned a great deal from the true Churches of God in terms of basic doctrine, etc. I have learned just as much and in all honesty  possibly more studying God’s word myself as he revealed even deeper truths to me.


And I believe much of the information I teach proves that, because there are obvious differences regarding certain subjects. But, with that being said, I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for the true Churches of God, and for much of what they teach. To summarize it, we are in agreement on most issues and topics, with the exception of only a few subjects.