Question: In The Article Entitled “Will A National Day Of Prayer Save America” You Provide A Verse In “Isaiah 66:2” Which Sates God Will Look To The Person Who Is Poor… Are You Suggesting God Will Not Work Through A Person Who Has Wealth?


Donald Bohanon: Good question.Let me clarify what I meant and what the verse means. To respond, absolutely not.That’s not what I meant at all.God has worked through several servants who in fact had great wealth. King David was one.King Hezekiah was another. Solomon was another.Abraham was another and so on.


The verse in Isaiah 66:2 is in the context of having a poor/contrite/meek/humble spirit as it relates to ones willingness to obey and fully submit to God ‘s doctrine,word and “his will” in the fear of God,while never allowing wealth,greed and lust to be an impediment to that.


As all the previously mentioned servants did,with the exception of Solomon who eventually fell off and was eventually corrupted by worldly lusts and desires.In fact God tells us in 3 John 1:2…. that above all else he wishes that his servants should prosper financially and or materially and be in good health,but only as their soul prospers or as spiritual growth takes place first.


But God insures us through his word in Psalms 37:1-6, that the servants needs will  be taken care of during the conversion process in terms of being fed.As they grow to delight themselves in the lord and become stronger and more grounded spiritually the desires of the heart will come.And understand that a desire and a need are different.A desire is something you want, a need is something you need and  or must have to exist.


The desires will come once the servant is at a place spiritually where they delight in serving God through complete adherence to doctrine and the bible as a whole, while eventually being filled with the holy spirit.Repent be baptized and filled with the holy spirit as the bible instructs us Acts 2:38 .


The bible also tells us  in Proverbs 28:13 that the person who hides their sin, or is not exhibiting that spiritual change and growth emphasized in 3 John 1: 2.. will not prosper spiritually or otherwise… which is supportive of  3 John 1:2… and vice versa.


Spiritual growth in knowledge and obedience to God is actually conducive to mental,emotional,physical and spiritual health,which is the context in which God meant it,in terms of being in good health, when you understand it.


God desires that all his servants should prosper and be in good health as they grow spiritually and fully submit to the doctrine,word and “will of God”.Emphasis on God’s will first and foremost.


But It’s important  to God that spiritual growth takes place first. In other words the servant should become steadfast in obedience,unmovable and unshakable,thoroughly versed in the doctrines and word of God first, before God will impart abundant material blessings.


Because if not the material blessings can and will be a snare and cause a spiritually under developed person to fall from their spiritual steadfastness.And eventually be corrupted and perverted by worldly lusts and desires,which can result in the spiritual death of  that person.Something God certainly doesn’t want to happen, and wants to prevent.Romans 11:22,Hebrews 6:6-8,Hebrews 10:26-31. 


It’s also important to emphasize not all material blessings come from God.Matthew 4:9-11,Luke 4:6-8. If the blessings are coming from God they will be based on or in the context of  that servants goodness,righteousness and or obedience… Proverbs 12:2,3John 1:2. Great question I hope this answers it.