Question: How do you know all the specifics about feces being stinking packed and caked as you said in your article Satan’s Pride On Full Display, how would you know that?


Donald Bohanon: When I go to the bathroom after a grunt and strain session and wipe my rear end and take note of the thick,stinking, steaming ,toxic, brown, creamy paste, that’s heavily slathered on the tissue.As well as the stench that’s rising up from the tissue.


Not to mention the billowing cloud and copious amounts of nauseous, stinking  gas that’s expelled. And after I turn around and take a look at the aftermath of the grunt and strain session.


After expelling massive amounts of fecal matter.Blowing big chunks of stinking, toxic, bacteria laden turds/fecal matter into the toilet. Particularly after I’ve had a high fiber meal.


And as I sit perched atop  the toilet,my thoughts begin to wander while feeling relaxed,because of the somewhat euphoric experience of waste elimination.I then begin to ponder the more perplexing questions about life and the universe,and the duality of man.


But I’m immediately catapulted back to reality as I notice the big, gross, stinking fecal logs floating in the toilet,of different shapes and sizes, colors and hues.


Some olive green, some tan, some with multiple earth colors,some curved, some sickle shaped, some straight, some brown with corn kernels in them.You know….I think all these would  probably be pretty good indicators about how I know feces is thick, caked, stinking, etc. Hope this helps.