Question: Didn’t You Know Rodney Reed Was A Rapist And If So Why Would You Support Him?


Donald Bohanon: I didn’t find out until after the fact. All I knew was there was a black man who was set to be executed in a few short days for a crime the evidence now says he didn’t commit. So my first initial reaction was to work to save an innocent man’s life. From my understanding, he’s been accused of rape but never convicted. Now if he, is in fact, a rapist he will probably try to rape again.


Because rapists, based on my understanding, rape based on a controlling factor as it relates to how much control they can assert over their victims. So based on that he may rape again and if he does, throw the book at him and put him under the jail.


But just because he is accused of rape and murder he didn’t commit based on the evidence, doesn’t mean he should be sentenced to death based on rape allegations in the past. If he’s innocent of the alleged crime he should be set free.


Not put to death because of past rape allegations. With that being said I want to thank President Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott and others who worked to successfully get a stay of execution for a man who may very well be innocent. If he actually rapes after being exonerated he deserves whatever he gets.