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By Donald Bohanon-Wednesday-July 4,2018


This Is Original Article I Wrote. Somehow A Heavily Redacted Version Got Published.I’m Not Sure How That Happened.But Here’s The Original Article Below.


President Donald Trump is set to replace retired Justice Kennedy with a Conservative Justice. This is a critical decision that can result in the continuation and flourishing of the nation or the fall of the nation. Depending on what choice is made.I feel careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure the right Justice is chosen.


There are some key characteristics that this Justice needs to possess in my opinion which will determine if the nation is spared or destroyed.We live in some critical times.And to be direct.. God is not playing  games. And it’s important that you get this right.


God is poised to severely punish the United States because of their abominable sins. And the blood of millions of lost lives will be on your hands as well if you don’t work to correct your abominable offenses. You must operate with a sense of urgency. Your existence as a nation depends on it. Many are of the mistaken belief that embracing any  group will only serve to strengthen the conservative base. And thereby ensure future victories in critical elections. But they are sorely mistaken. It won’t turn out as they think by applying that logic. Embracing any kind of group no matter what kind of behavior they practice and promote won’t serve to strengthen the party, but only undermine, corrupt, and destroy it.


The Conservative Party in many respects is the last bastion of morality as it relates to political parties. All other parties have gone off the rails as those parties have embraced behaviors,lifestyles, and practices, that greatly offend God. And whether they choose to believe it or not, that morality is the Conservative Parties strength.


God is helping ensure you win because of your position on specific moral issues. If you abandon God by embracing immoral behavior that he despises,he will curse you as a political party and kick the legs from under you and watch you come crashing down to the ground as a political party.


All of your political gains will be lost.You will be tattered and fractured and brought to nothing as a political party.And I promise you will be subjugated as a party by what you fear the most. God is the reason you are in power and for no other reason.


Turn your back on God as it relates to embracing the more offensive, abominable issues, in terms of sexual perversion, etc.And I promise you will be out of power as quickly as you came into it. Trust God and follow his instruction as is outlined on this site and you will be blessed as opposed to cursed. And if not you will lose it all. Let’s go over some examples of who you may be subjugated by. Let me see…..


1. At the mercy of demented sexual deviants who seek to legalize any form of perverse sexual behavior, their minds can conjure up as long as there is an orgasm or some form of ejaculation or perverted pleasure at the end of or associated with the filthy acts.The legalization of homosexual marriage and the broad acceptance of homosexual behavior being the catalyst and springboard for the legalization of every other filthy, twisted, demonic, psychotic, sexual practice that’s soon to follow. 


2. Subjugated by socialism/communism light… which amounts to a small group of greedy,perverted,selfish,proud,arrogant, diabolical  individuals who will eventually wield all the power and force their  repressive will on the people.Black America if you think you have it bad now,.. you haven’t seen anything if you allow socialist to come to power.


For you pro black groups, that will simply be the difference in having some white men in power or all white men in power wielding all the power and calling all the shots while you have no say at all in the matter.


At least, as it presently stands, you have a say and can voice your disapproval about certain issues and work to change things. But under a socialist /communist light state(which will eventually morph into full blown communism not necessarily by title but by policy and action) you will be completely silenced  and can be put to death for disagreeing. 


3. Under the boot hill of radical religious groups which promote a radical anti-American agenda.Religious groups who believe all white people (no matter how good willed and good natured they are) are the devil incarnate.These are just some examples.


The same groups that corrupted the Democratic and Liberal Party are now engaged in a Mass Exodus for the sole purpose of insuring their perverse goals for the continuation of homosexual marriage( among other things)are accomplished.

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But only under the deceptive cloak of now embracing conservative views and values.These groups understand the strong possibility exists there may be a diametric shift in the direction the nation takes.They understand the possibility exists their perverse,ungodly agenda and goals, may be undermined.


So their Mass Exodus has more to do with hopefully changing conservative views to mirror their perverse views,goals and agenda. The Mass Exodus has more to do with changing the Conservative Party into a Liberal Party which champions all the corrupting destructive values of Liberalism


Their exodus has more to do with working to change the Conservative Party as opposed to embracing conservative morals and values. It’s so transparent even a child can see it.But sadly many conservatives won’t be able to see it for what it really is.


And the Conservative Party would be absolutely foolish to allow this  group to undermine, corrupt and destroy it’s morals.Let me be clear, I’m not calling for the harm of any group. I never have. Just the rejection of the destructive, corrupting, perversion, and immorality they push, promote, and practice. Be sure they conform to staunch conservative values and moral principles. This is critically important. As opposed to you conforming to the same corrupt and perverse ideology that corrupted and brought down the Democratic/Liberal Party.


For a large segment the true exodus from those parties is not merely because of rhetoric. But instead- because of the absence of basic common sense, decency and basic morality.Something both parties seem to have completely abandoned.


If you emulate the pattern of those parties of following rather than leading. Of conforming to the perverse ungodly standards of specific groups as the Democratic/Liberal Party has. As opposed to insisting, uncompromisingly, they follow your moral values and standards you will end up just as they are. In tatters with many exiting the party, seeking a party or community that truly stands for something. Seeking a party of basic common sense,decency and morality.


We are getting down to the wire in terms of God’s lack of patience and his disgust with what’s going on. The aggressive promotion of these perverse ungodly lifestyles and behaviors are not happening by chance.There is an unseen,very evil spiritual force working behind the scenes.To ensure the moral foundation of these parties and the nation are corrupted and eventually destroyed. One by one,they’re falling like domino’s.


The primary element he’s used to undermine them all is the introduction and eventual acceptance of sexual perversions.The Conservative Party in many respects is the last line of defense in terms of clinging to the moral values that have made the nation strong and great. That unseen force(Satan) has now set his sites on the Conservative Party by working to inject that same corrupting, perverse, sexual element he injected into the Democratic and Liberal parties.


Which resulted in them abandoning all sense and expectation of what’s right and wrong,good and beneficial, from a moral and spiritual perspective.Critical character traits which when corrupted, negatively affect every other facet of life profoundly. Choosing the right Justice is very important.. but what you do from that point forward is even more important.


I have outlined in previous audios and articles what God expects to be done and he won’t settle for anything less. Nothing will improve and things will only get worse if these issues are not addressed and corrected. A strong economy doesn’t mean the nation is in the clear.And can in many respects produce a false sense of security.You are in a position to turn things around for the better by making the right choices. Or ensure the fall of the nation by making the wrong choices.


To whom it may concern, you can’t apply your own logic to this situation lest you get it wrong.To avoid the appearance of trying to tell you how to do your job I will just tell you what kind of Justice I would choose if I were in that position.I will outline the key characteristics I would be looking for to determine my choice.


1.He or she has to be a staunch advocate for morality especially as it relates to opposing the more offensive abominable sins and issues as the Bible defines them. Steadfast and unshakable as it relates to those Bible based views of morality. Not based on his or her own opinion of what constitutes morality. They must also be God-fearing, and truly understand what that really means.


2.They must have compassion regarding social issues,ie,the impoverished, the least among us. Which includes immigrants but within the confines and context of established law. A sensitivity to the plight of minorities and the many trials and persecutions they have gone through as a result of institutional racism. Racism cloaked as something else is unacceptable to God and he’s seen and had enough of it. And it needs to be purged from minds and from every facet of society.


Or at the very least work aggressively to ensure its addressed and corrected wherever it reveals itself. From racism in the common citizen to racism in the public servant. All of it needs to be addressed. This Justice must understand the importance of that.The slightest appearance of racism of any form is unacceptable to God. If the critical moral and social issues are not addressed God will commence with the punishment he’s promised to mete out.


That new unbiased approach must be expressed in action and policy.Not just in word.Or destructive weather events will ramp up. God also wants you to understand when and if these things happen (that will be determined by what you do) they are coming from his hand. He says if you have a problem with it take it up with him and or just follow the instruction outlined.


3.Mass murder in the urban areas and in the form of abortion needs to be high on the potential Judges list. Abortion is a touchy subject. I will pray God gives you the wisdom to come up with a reasonable solution that greatly minimizes or completely eliminates the loss of innocent life. While giving victims of rape and other special circumstances special consideration. Focusing on rampant crime and murder in heavily impacted areas needs to be high on the Justices agenda.


4.Education and intellect are important but education and intellect are not antidotes for corruption and evil sinful behavior. The Justice would have to have strong Bible based moral convictions and a healthy sincere fear of God and his word and warnings. Which is a deterrent to corruption, perversion, and evil behavior in general? In conjunction with education and intelligence. History is riddled with numerous examples of highly educated and intelligent men and women who were corrupted by pride, lust, greed,sexual perversion and other pulls of the flesh.


Educated men and women who in many respects were blinded by intellectual vanity and material gain as a result of academic accomplishment and ambition.And who because of it thought they knew better than God and were wiser than God himself.


Which ultimately resulted in self righteous, intellectually vain, egomaniacs, leading millions of men and women off cliffs and into the depths of destruction.Because they were blinded by their intellectual pride, vanity and material gain.And thought they were wiser and more knowledgeable than the all wise all-knowing God himself. And because of it would dismiss God’s instruction as worthless to their deaths and demise.


Education is not an antidote to corruption.In fact it can be a liability if not checked. Because it can produce egotism,grandiose attitudes, self-exaltation and self-glorification, all as a result of pride which blinds and corrupts profoundly.It can produce a false perception and sense of intellectual superiority…because of academic accomplishment. When in reality it’s not a matter of intellectual superiority at all in most cases. But simply certain individuals acquiring a higher level of education. Which is nothing to really gloat about. Because its limited knowledge.


Point being, outside of their realm of expertise they are just as ignorant and lost as the person who has never practiced in their field of expertise. Outside of their field of expertise they are just as blind and ignorant as the person who has no knowledge of their profession. So it’s very limited knowledge and nothing to gloat about. They’re just educated to do a specific job with the knowledge of how to better communicate and articulate their position or message. That’s about it. An education certainly doesn’t qualify them as authorities on the Bible. Nor does it qualify them to speak on behalf of God.


I would focus on a strong sense of morality based in Biblical truth, not personal opinion.With a healthy sincere fear of God.And truly understanding the meaning of that. The ability to interpret the Constitution as it was originally intended and its original meaning.With education being further down the list.


But obviously very important also.But just not what I would be focused on in terms of the level of importance of specific qualities and goals. Those are the primary things I would be focused on as it relates to choosing a Justice.Bible based morality and a fear of God. And a staunch opposition to offensive, corrupting and destructive,nation undermining sexual immorality/perversions. Genuine compassion for the poor and disenfranchised. Focus on social issues. And addressing mass murder in the country and being highly educated.


You have so many tools at your disposal to determine who these Justices really are.So many tools to thoroughly vet them before making your choice. I would utilize all those tools to ensure I make the right choice. Because it’s that important.


It’s important that the right choice is made because if not a more liberal agenda will prevail to the detriment of the nation.God is watching.There are those who will scoff at what I’m saying but they will be made into believers if the things God requires aren’t accomplished. But that’s something I’m sure we all want to avoid. Myself included.


I have faith that God fearing men who desire the best for this nation are at the helm and working to get things done.Men who are not blinded by intellectual vanity, self-exaltation, and self-glorification.And who because of this have basic common sense and the ability to discern the critical nature of the times we live in. Men who are not governed by their greed,pride, intellectual vanity, and lusts, but by their conscience and love of the truth as the Bible defines truth. Men who fear God and who give strong consideration to the words that come out of his mouth.


I pray that these men will make all the right decisions and perform the right actions to ensure this nation is blessed as opposed to cursed.God is watching.I would impress upon you to govern and make decision with the fear of God in your hearts and Bible knowledge in your minds.


As it relates to the more critical nation impacting issues. May God guide you through the whole process. I wouldn’t be concerned with whether Americans will embrace the direction, because most people unfortunately are followers. As long as they have someone to lead them in the right direction they will be willing to follow. Just lead in a righteous way towards life and not towards death, and I’m convinced they will embrace the status quo and follow. To their benefit. God bless.

Deuteronomy 30:19-20

19 I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

20 That thou mayest love the Lord thy God, and that thou mayest obey his voice, and that thou mayest cleave unto him: for he is thy life, and the length of thy days: that thou mayest dwell in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.