Heroes: Two Black Sanitation Workers Help Save A Kidnapped Ten Year Old Girl.


I’m so thankful this ended on a good note. I’m sure God was instrumental in helping them find this young lady. I’m also proud of these two black men. Their keen eyes and quick thinking bought this to a favorable ending.


I will say it again, be aware! Because these sexual predators homosexual and heterosexual alike are prowling black underserved communities because they feel emboldened because of Barrack Obama legalizing homosexual marriage and his fight to legalize about every other sick, twisted, form of perverted sexual behavior he can.


Homosexual/pedophile predators are prowling black and minority poor neighborhoods looking for opportunities to strike innocent unsuspecting children.


Because they now feel entitled and emboldened because of all the policies this administration is trying to implement that support everything from pedophilia/homosexuality to transgenderism, etc.

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