Smoky Bear Still Hot at 70 – NBC News

The mainstream media is now reporting once again in an obvious attempt to undermine the prophetic accuracy of God’s word and his true servants that most wildfires are started by humans.Something I seriously doubt applies to recent wildfires.Maybe as it relates statistically in relation to every wildfire that has ever started since the advent of wildfires.But not as it relates to present day wildfires.


And not to the degree they are starting now. Those statements are obviously meant to skew the facts and paint a false picture in an obvious effort to undermine prophetic bible accuracy, through inaccurate, biased statistical data, much like they do with the false man made climate change theory.


Most unbiased news reports have clearly shown that these present day wildfires are being started by lightning strikes in dried parched areas due to the relentless drought, not by men.


I have heard ignorant people even some meteorologist attribute these events to Mother Nature as well.But there is no such thing as Mother Nature, I’m sorry she doesn’t exist, but God exists and is real and he controls and has power over the weather.


And what you see with the explosion of bigger fiercer wildfires is an expression of his wrath.And if you are not believers now I promise you before it’s all said and done you will be.




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