When Terry Crews was first sexually assaulted by his homosexual agent I was initially on board and supportive of his quest for justice.And I still am,because I am  aware of how pervasive and widespread the problem of homosexual harassment and assault of men in hollywood is– but just kept quiet and swept under the rug.


Because I understand based on how God informs us through scripture how corrupting and shackling the perversion is.When you consider how rampant the abuse and harassment of men and boys is by homosexuals -in virtually every facet of society and in every profession.But yet the victims are in most cases forced to keep it quiet because of fear of reprisal.


Not to mention the innumerable instances of sexual assault and harassment of men and boys by homosexuals and bisexuals but rarely if ever reported by the radical liberal left media.But how Terry Crews quest for justice against the perpetrator of the sexual assault against him,has now morphed into a fight against masculinity, is very confusing and troubling to me.


I don’t think he fully understands how dangerous the implications are of promoting a movement that focuses on demonizing male masculinity.I have emphasized previously how the promotion of male masculinity as somehow being toxic is ridiculous and quite honestly is nothing but an agenda pushed by the homosexual and lesbian community to continue to work to feminize men and masculate women.


It is a cloak to fight against and undermine the reality and existence of a male dominated society.The vision of a society where men are dominated by women–where women are the dominant gender in society,furthers the homosexual and lesbian agenda of feminizing men and masculating women.Thereby effectively perverting and converting many men and women to the homosexual lifestyle.


It’s sad that Terry Crews has embraced the fictitious theory that male masculinity is toxic.He comes across as some one who has been brainwashed and fed misinformation.Either that or he’s possibly an undercover bisexual himself.


You can voice your grievances without working to help further the homosexual agenda by promoting the false theory that masculinity is toxic. Something which plays right into the plans and schemes of the homosexual community.Male masculinity is not toxic.


The corrupting emotions, vices,lusts,greed,pride and pulls of the flesh,etc, are what corrupt both men and women.The masculinity in and of itself is not toxic.In reality it’s a beneficial God given trait that distinguishes men from women and also plays a very important role in producing structured strong families and societies.And strong,well grounded,productive children,who grow up to be productive adults who contribute to society.


What’s toxic is the homosexual and lesbian element that’s pushing the ridiculous and destructive theory.It’s just sad to see how Terry Crews has fallen hook line and sinker for the deception.I touch on the topic in more detail in the article below.  



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