Although I don’t agree with many of her views, I am, as I’m sure many others are, impressed by her efforts in securing the release of several prisoners who were either wrongfully convicted or received excessive jail time in relation to the crimes committed.


She appears to be evolving from a T.V. and instagram celebrity to a fighter for justice and for the rights of the disenfranchised and wrongfully convicted,or those who have been convicted with excessive jail time in relation to their crimes..And the way she goes about it in a humble and low key fashion,without much fanfare.


Actually transforming the lives of many for the better under the radar makes you stand up and take notice.And although some things require a direct and blunt approach, a modest low key approach can be equally as effective when applied to the right circumstance.I’ve never really been a fan of any celebrity because many of them come across as phony,arrogant,politically correct and versed.


In other words most of them are careful and mindful to choose the right words or support the right politically correct causes so as not to offend specific individuals and groups.


Kim Kardashian’s approach in relation to this controversial issue is a little different, and bit risky, considering the backlash she could face.But yet she keeps plowing forward and has made this a very important personal cause in her life.And that’s admirable.