There have been many African American victims and casualties of the crack epidemic in the early 1990s up til now_  and as a result of it many people were imprisoned,families were broken up, and children put into foster homes. Not to mention those who have been given stiff prison sentences as a result of possessing  moderate amounts of marijuana which now happens to be legal in many states.And is something many of  those same law makers occasionally smoke themselves in secret.


But yet there are still many who were convicted of these kinds of low level crimes still serving time as a result of possessing an herb that now happens to be legal in many states.Fast forward to 2017 with the Opioid Epidemic…an epidemic which has in many respects ravaged  white  suburban areas, and because of it the U.S. government has now implemented new and different policies to address these issues.


Policies which now require that addicts be treated and counseled for the addiction as opposed to being imprisoned for it. Which I feel is the humane and just thing to do. But the same standard should be applied to all races.The policy, although just and humane, also reeks of double standard.


At a time when black communities were and still are ravaged by the crack and drug epidemics, similar policies should have also been implemented.But it seemed the U.S. government turned a blind eye to the sufferings of  impoverished areas of the black community.But in the face of this Opiod Epidemic it’s standing shoulder to shoulder with the  white community, as they face challenges while addressing this scourge on their community.


And I applaud the U.S. government for displaying compassion for a community ravaged by the scourge of drug addiction.But my message to U.S. government is this… they must be consistent and impartial when distributing that help as it relates to all races and communities affected by the scourge of drug addiction.Not just the white race and community alone.I tell you out of love, concern and compassion, that God is going to judge these acts and if there was bias or discrimination involved it will be punished accordingly.


If we are truly a nation of compassion,we must exercise that same concern,and act,regardless of the race,skin color,or social/economic status of the individual or community.This is how we reap blessings from God individually and nationally_when we show love without partiality regardless of race,skin color or nationality.And conversely the way to reap curses and punishment on a nation and people is to  show love with partiality while clearly disregarding God’s instruction.


Discriminating against one race,in many respects,while showing compassion and concern for another.And I’m convinced this is one reason why the white community is suffering the scourge of this epidemic,partially because of how the black community has been cast aside when faced with a similar crisis.


The bible says God repays the sins of the fathers to the children to the third and fourth generations of those that despise,hate, or blatantly defy him and his instruction… Numbers 14:18,Deuteronomy 5:9-10. And I’m convinced if you don’t apply that same compassion and concern to all races affected by  this scourge, the white community will face an uphill battle in terms of being successful in rectifying this issue.


God wont bless your efforts and community if you turn a blind eye to the sufferings of other communities who are facing similar challenges and struggles,he will instead curse those efforts, they will fail, and the situation will instead grow worse…Proverbs 21:13.God only delights when you apply compassion and justice equally without partiality.But when you don’t he is greatly offended and angered by it.Addressing and dealing with the many issues that face us as a nation with honesty,truth,fairness and equity,is how we will be blessed by God moving forward, and no other way.Don’t second guess how it’s going to turn out, just do the right thing as instructed by God,and watch the nation heal and the blessings flow.


God is watching and recording everything we say,do and think, and when we are judged all these actions and decisions, will be taken into consideration in a meticulous,methodical and thorough, judgment of each and every one of us.


From the least to the greatest.Let’s try to take all of this into consideration  when implementing policies that benefit and help the suffering of one race or segment of society,but disregard the suffering of another race or segment of society by implementing policies that hurt that race or community.The woman in the video above is right and anyone with any semblance of decency and character will admit that.The question is as a nation what are we going to do about it? God is watching and is very interested.