The Truth Plain An Simple has no affiliation with “Digital Soapbox Network” neither are we in agreement with all the information they put out. But we find this topic of discussion very interesting.


Considering it’s something we have been emphasizing for years. That much of the violent music that’s being marketed to the black community and other communities is designed in many respects to brainwash, indoctrinate, corrupt, and destroy.


So, I’m not surprised to hear that the private prison system and the music industry may be in cahoots together. And the prison system may be reaping insane profits from the content the music industry produces because of it’s corrupting and destructive effect.


And how the private prison system, in turn, benefits from that. I also agree with the host that the information (although anger-provoking) shouldn’t necessarily be a call to arms. Because Jesus Christ is set to establish his government shortly. And destroy all evil men and evil governments.


But this is instead a time for each individual to educate themselves about the destructive schemes and practices that beset and threaten us in the human family. Ourselves, our families, and communities. And take stock of their own lives and situations and the content (in the form of music and other forms of media) they listen to, take in, and absorb. And what they support.  And make changes.


If the prison system is actually profiting primarily from the content the music companies are putting out, because of the corrupting, destructive, behavior that in turn produces, ceasing to entertain that kind of destructive media and content would transform black communities and other communities, and probably put private prisons out of business. Or at the very least considerably slow the influx of prisoners.


A weed never dies by cutting it off at its peak or at the base. It can only be destroyed and never grow back by uprooting it. In other words, you must pull up the roots. These violent forms of music are in many respects the root of the problem.


Stop entertaining the music and you will have in essence eliminated much of the problem that’s contributing to the violence. This is something I have been emphasizing for years.


The question is now that you are becoming aware of it, what the heck are you going to do about it?  Talk is cheap. And knowledge not acted on is as useless as if you never received it. No one is asking rappers to stop rapping. Just to exercise enough courage and character to change the content and message. That’s all.