Why are Congolese illegally immigrating to the U.S. in alarming numbers when they’re dealing with the second biggest Ebola outbreak in Africa’s history?


The Bible says in the end times America would be cursed because of it’s abominable sins.Many of those curses the Bible outlines would consist of the spread of new forms of deadly disease there would be no cures for.


And although the Bible doesn’t go into specifics in every case about all the methods God would use to curse an abominably rebellious nation for it’s sins of sexual perversions,mass murder,satanism,black magic and racism,etc, he does emphasize it would be cursed and plagued by his hand in several different ways.


Disease, natural disasters,war and famine,being four of the more specific ways God emphasizes those punishments and plagues would be administered.


God says the sins of the nation are what’s bringing these curses and plagues upon it.And there would be no relenting until those abominable sins are addressed and corrected.


The recent influx of several illegal immigrants from the Congo a nation that’s being ravaged by the Ebola virus is quite disturbing and unsettling.


And although I can empathize with the plight of many of these illegal immigrants,America is still a nation of laws and rules and when those laws are broken this eventually overtime results in societal collapse.And no one wins if that happens.


I’m also convinced there may be evil,wealthy, deranged individuals,who are contributing too and working towards the collapse of American society.To accomplish their own evil, selfish,diabolical goals and ends.But God operates in many ways and using the wicked to punish and plague those he is offended by is one of those ways.


The Bible says God has created the wicked for the day of evil.. Proverbs 16:4. In other words,some wicked (not all) are given leeway to accomplish God’s will and purpose in terms of punishing abominable sin and rebellion.So evil men in positions of power inside the nation and outside the nation working to covertly overthrow the government could be an example of God using the wicked to accomplish his will of punishing an abominably sinful nation.


Now with the recent alarming spread of measles and now possible ebola outbreaks both possibly as a result of illegal immigration,could this also be one example of God’s prophesied punishment on a rebellious and defiant nation?


Only time will tell but keep your eyes open and pay attention as this could very well spiral out of control. This is not an indictment against illegal immigrants because I feel for them, sympathize and empathize with them. But God’s methods of punishment have and will always take on different and unsuspecting forms.


In any event natural disasters and disease are impacting the country in a limited capacity, in comparison to what’s prophesied to happen.


But what’s certain is it’s prophesied to ramp up as a result of the sins of the nation. And how God accomplishes his goals of punishing an evil rebellious generation, could prove to be as diverse and varied as the plagues and punishments he administers.  



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