By Donald Bohanon……..Published November 11, 2016.


Grub Hub Ceo Matt Mallone is calling for all of his employees, who don’t think like he does or supports the candidate he supports to resign. And in all honesty, and to be quite frank, this is just one of many examples of pro-homosexual/homosexual Ceos and business owners firing employees who don’t agree with their views or who reject their sexual advances.


This kind of illegal and unethical behavior is widespread.  And at this point because of the push for acceptance and legalization of this form of sexual perversion, it permeates and affects practically every form of business in this country and other countries as well.


I know because I have been a victim of it because of my position on the issue of homosexuality, and same-sex marriage. But yet I still remain undaunted and unshaken. Firing good, honest, hard-working employees, simply because they reject the sexual advances of these sexual deviants, freaks and sex addicts.


They then create or makeup lies in a deceptive effort to justify the firing. This behavior is widespread and corrupts practically every form of business in this country(in one way or another) at this point.


Sexual perversion is not a race or nationality. It’s a destructive, corrupting, sexual perversion cultivated by perverted lust that corrupts and perverts even more profoundly than greed and pride.


You cannot integrate perversion into society and pretend that it’s going to somehow be beneficial for society. When in fact the opposite is true. It will eventually erode the moral and ethical foundation of the nation. Ultimately resulting in the fall and destruction of the nation.


Just as it has done to every other nation throughout history, that has sought to integrate it into their respective cultures and societies. The result has always been the collapse and fall of those empires, nations and societies. It has never worked or been beneficial for any nation or society and it never will be. It’s of critical importance that something so destructive always be rejected and repudiated.


We must always hate sin/evil which is what homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and pedophilia, etc ar. And wholeheartedly reject it. Psalms 97:10, Romans 12:9. We’re also commanded to separate ourselves from such evil and from those who practice it. As opposed to embracing it and integrating it into society, which would be disastrous… 1 Corinthians 10:20-22, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.


And if you examine it you will see what most radical liberal elites have in common is most are sexual deviants and perverts. Some are open with their practicing of it, but most covert and secret with it. This is the common denominator. The common corrupting factor. Because sexual perversion and perverted lust, corrupts, twists and perverts, more profoundly than greed or pride, or anything else for that matter.


Millions of people are also suffering needlessly and are out of work and can’t get jobs because they have been blackballed, simply for saying no to perverted sexual harassment. Or because they don’t share the same radical, liberal views as their employers. As it relates to sexual preference and same-sex marriage,etc.


That’s why it’s of extreme and paramount importance that these sex addicts, sexual deviants and perverts, be removed from every form of government, and from every leadership role or position of influence and authority, throughout the country.


Because if not, these kinds of Nazi and Gestapo tactics as it relates to forcing others who disagree with the views of these perverted, sexual fascists, and sex addicts(or who reject the sexual advances of these perverts, freaks and sexual fascists, both men and women) if allowed to continue unchecked, it will persist, grow and spread, to the undermining of the moral fabric and ethical foundation of the nation.


While these sexual deviants, homosexual fascist business owners, force their immorality and sex addiction on the employees who are the lifeblood of business and the economic engine which runs it.


And when you pervert and corrupt the economic engine which the employees are, because sexual perversion corrupts and perverts more profoundly than even pride and greed.


And is a catalyst that also cultivates greed and pride and every other form of evil to satisfy the perverted sexual addiction. You essentially have men and women in positions of leadership and employment, consumed, shackled and addicted, to sexual lust and perversion.


Who will go to any lengths to satisfy their consuming perverted lust, even if it means lying, stealing, murdering, slandering, harassing, falsely accusing, firing those who reject their sexual advances or who don’t agree with their radical liberal views.


So many forms of corruption begin to manifest themselves whether it’s manipulating elections. Negative propaganda directed at perceived threats to their perverse way of life. Those in powerful positions in media or who own media for instance and who practice that lifestyle, using their powerful positions, and powerful influential media platforms, to undermine, demonize or destroy, anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their views or accept their way of life.


Examples of numerous forms of corruption at the highest levels are endless. To help further and spread the same-sex addiction they themselves have become enslaved and shackled by. As a result of having it forced on them by giving in to ultimatums, at the hands of sexually addicted employers and others in positions of power, influence and authority.


They have no tolerance for anyone or anything that disagrees with their radical, warped liberal views, but yet are always demanding tolerance from others. This is just another example proving their real objective is a world that crushes, demonizes and destroys, anyone or anything that disagrees with their warped, radical, liberal views.


Are these really the types of people you want in leadership roles or influential positions, and positions of authority, in any capacity throughout the country? Or are they individuals you can work with, in any capacity?


What happens to you, whenever or if ever they are put in positions of influence and authority in any capacity? Do you honestly think (based on what you see in terms of their behavior as it relates to the outcome of the presidential election, etc) they will have any respect or tolerance for you, or your views in any way shape or form?


I have been writing for years emphasizing that they seek a totalitarian, authoritarian, liberal, fascist and or socialist society. And or form of governing, where everyone bows to their whims and desires. This is their real objective. And you honestly believe you can trust or compromise with people like this?


Always screaming love and acceptance but having no clue at all what love really means. Their behavior and actions are proof they don’t express it, probably have never expressed it, and don’t know how the Bible in its full context really defines it.


So I think its also important to work aggressively to pass and implement even stricter laws, aggressively enforced, to ensure sexual deviants, sexual predators and sexual addicts,etc, cannot use their power and authority whether it’s in the workplace, schools, colleges, entertainment industry or wherever.


To force those who don’t agree with their views or lifestyles to conform to those same views or lifestyles, under threats of retaliation. In the form of firing workers who reject their perverted sexual advances.


I think it’s also very important to abolish hate crimes laws that protect these sexual predators and deviants, who incessantly harass and persecute those they view as vulnerable and or threats to their way of life. But at the same time hide behind those hate crime laws to ensure no form of retaliation will be directed at them for engaging in this diabolical, cowardly, evil behavior.


They essentially engage in all kinds of cowardly diabolical acts against others but hide behind hate crimes laws for protection. Hate crime laws that were implemented, for the most, part to protect against racial discrimination and violence based on race, which is justified and should always remain in place.


But not as a form of protection for mentally disturbed and warped individuals who engage in illegal, evil and diabolical behavior. To satisfy their consuming perverted lust, and then seek protection from those same laws. This kind of misuse of established law only encourages more of this kind of behavior, under the protection of a law that wasn’t created or designed to protect in relation to this kind of behavior.


When this kind of behavior is allowed to proceed, you essentially have what can be defined as an unethical and immoral virus and or spiritual pandemic if you will. That can and will spread rapidly to the undermining and destruction of the very moral and ethical fabric of the nation. Thereby destroying the nation itself.


Let’s be honest, we have already seen it profoundly displayed in biased media coverage of a certain presidential candidate. And that is just a small sample and example of where it’s all heading if it’s not crushed, squashed and reigned in quickly. 


Because honesty and ethical behavior are the very foundation of any nation. And you will simply erode and destroy that foundation by promoting and legalizing perverted sexual behavior. Perverted sexual behavior that corrupts more profoundly than even pride and greed.


And cultivates pride and greed, and every other form of offensive and detestable evil. And in all honesty, this form of unethical corruption is widespread and has already begun, and has been in full effect for years. The question is, what the heck are you going to do about it? 



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