Donald Trumps recent election to the office of President has resulted in extreme radical, intolerant, cry baby, far left liberals, inciting violence and promoting chaos. Peaceful rallies as it it relates to the illegal and unjustifiable shooting of unarmed black men, is one thing, and is constitutional,justified, and should be respected and protected by the constitution.


But promoting chaos and violence,simply because a presidential candidate, that these extreme radical, far left liberals hate, won that election, is another thing and is ridiculous,and amounts to a direct assault on democracy and law and order.


God is a God of order and peace and he has put men and women in positions of power and authority to maintain that order. And he expects that power and authority to be exercised to the full in cases like this, to insure illegal, unjustifiable protests like this, don’t spread and spiral out of control.These illegal,unjustified rallies,covertly and subversively instigated by homosexuals,lesbians and other sexual deviants in positions of power primarily.And many sexual deviants and sex addicts who make up a large segment of the protesters.


Who feel their way of life established as a result of unconstitutional actions, policies and laws, is in jeopardy,are quietly and aggressively, instigating and promoting this kind of illegal behavior and violence, in an effort to offset what they perceive as the implementation of new policies that may undermine their illegal, unconstitutional gains(and rightfully so) encourage mobs to engage in this kind of lawless,reckless and violent behavior.


But the problem is, just that, it’s illegal,lawless and unjustifiable, and threatens the very existence of American Democracy, and needs to be brought under control,just as aggressively if necessary and swiftly as it began. Because If gone unchecked it will spiral out of control and continue to spread like a virus, that could promote widespread civil unrest, undermine national stability, and threaten national security.


I have been emphasizing for years that these sexual deviants are insane as a result of a twisted,warped,spiritual condition,resulting from a perverted sexual addiction, and their actions clearly prove that.And make no mistake about it they are the primary instigators behind all this chaos and disorder,while being funded and assembled for the most part by ungodly, wicked, sexually perverse men like George Soros and others in powerful political positions.