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By Donald Bohanon…Sunday 5/28/2017


Much has been reported about President Donald Trumps recent meeting with Nato Leaders. Including an incident that took place where it appeared the President pushed his way to the front of the group for a photo opportunity.Not to mention the fact the President emphasized (something previous President’s haven’t ) the leaders of those nations needed to meet their financial responsibilities as it relates to owning up to their financial commitments. 


Many in the liberal media and others are touting this as some kind of snub or animosity towards those leaders. But is it a snub when the mortgage company request payment on your mortgage? Or is it a snub when the car dealer request the monthly payment on your car? Most rational, responsible people would say absolutely not. So why is it wrong for the President to ask other world leaders to do their fair share (something they agreed to do) in terms of financial contribution?


Germany for instance has a thriving, vibrant economy, why shouldn’t they be contributing more and doing what they promised? Although I don’t see an issue with asking other world leaders to meet their financial commitments.I do think it would be ill advised to completely cut a German led European Union off. I feel that will only quickly give rise to a world  power the bible says is prophesied to come, and I’m not sure that would be a good idea.


Because the bible says when this power reaches it’s economic and military zenith, it will embark on a campaign of world domination and in essence initiate World War III. To allow a German led European Union to essentially go it alone would be the equivalent of allowing a young doe to walk on it’s own.At some point and in a relatively short period of time,that doe will be running at full speed. I think you can apply that same analogy to a German led European Union, and I am not sure that would be a good idea.


I think that would only work to expedite prophesy in terms of the eventual rise of  a power the bible says will be terrible in nature and very destructive.  The bible says they will initially have good intentions as it relates to promoting world peace,etc.But that will all eventually change as they are powerfully influenced by Satan, and the eventual rise of a leader within that conglomerate of nations, and his accepting counsel from a prominent false religious figure,will play a major role in the military direction that power takes.Which will be counter productive to the U.S. and other nations.


I think always keeping very close tabs on a German led European Union would be the wise thing to do.But to allow them to go it completely alone I feel would only be expediting prophetic events. Something God is already itching to bring about because of America’s present pathetic and offensive moral condition.Should other world leaders contribute financially as they are able? Yes. But snatching the proverbial training wheels from under a German led European Union? Absolutely not.As long as America lives in complete defiance of God, prophesy in relation to God’s punishment on America because of it’s abominable sins is going to be fulfilled.


But expediting those events by forcing a German led  European Union to go it alone,especially in the face of increased terrorist attacks on that continent, is not a wise decision at all in my opinion.That will only encourage and give them reason to embark on an aggressive military buildup as well adopting a more prominent role in world and foreign affairs,while using that terrorist threat as justification,which the bible says is prophesied to happen, something that will eventually have catastrophic consequences.


And allowing them to go it alone in the face of increased terrorist attacks will only expedite that process.In my humble opinion America needs to be front and center in the decision making processes as it relates to major issues in terms of Germany’s and the European Unions military expenditures in specific areas,as well as their foreign policy objectives, etc .


But particularly their military expenditures, military goals and foreign policy objectives. Because if not you will essentially be expediting and giving birth to the rise of a world power who’s goals, political and military ambitions you will have not anticipated. And unfortunately  according to scripture it will not bode well at all for the U.S. or other nations.


America’s ultimate long term survival will come not from increased military expenditures and an improved economy alone, but from a complete moral reset and redirection. A complete about face, if you will, in terms it’s moral direction as it relates to the more offensive abominable sins. And if not you can expect the prophesied rise of that power to be fulfilled. America needs to focus on improving and or changing it’s moral direction first and foremost, with a focus on economic and military issues secondarily.



Because if you build militarily and improve economically it still wont change the prophetic outcome as it relates to America’s destiny. God will still proceed with his prophesied chastisement of the nation in various forms, and an eventual military assault from a trusted foreign ally, being one of the primary methods of bringing the nation to it’s knees.



Quite the contrary, keep close tabs on a  German led European Unions military expenditures and foreign policy objectives,insuring those military expenditures are kept to a bare minimum in specific areas as it relates to an aggressive military buildup, and  massive military expenditures and widespread military intervention in the affairs of other nations.While also insuring their foreign policy objectives are limited at best.And keep eyes on the young brash french leader,who appears to have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Pope.


But none of this is in relation to the Paris Climate agreement which I’m convinced is a power and money grabbing sham.And I’m convinced President Barack Obama is the source behind Nato Leaders stance on this issue as he continues to meddle in foreign affairs.To allow them to lead on this issue is tantamount to allowing former President Barack Obama and his agenda to lead you on this issue. 


Allowing them to take center stage as a prominent and influential world power will prove disastrous in the end. But ultimately keeping tabs on a German led European Union, as well as insuring our own nations  military and economic improvement, wont be the long term solution and insure America’s long term survival,(but will only serve to slow the inevitable) but changing our moral stance and position to fall in line with God’s word will.