The Presidents decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is sure to result in extreme backlash and the promotion of mass hysteria from the radical liberal left and the liberal media. But the truth of the matter is the facts and economics don’t necessarily justify the hysteria.I have been writing for years that ratifications of agreements like this are power and cash grabs by wealthy, sexually perverse liberals,in positions of power.


With the ultimate goal of using it as a form of control to force poor and economically disadvantaged countries as well as developed countries to conform to their sexually perverse goals and agenda.Using the newly acquired wealth and power as a result of ratification of these kinds of agreements,as a way to accomplish it.An agenda which includes the further promotion of corrupting, destructive, perverse homosexual behavior worldwide, as well as the legalization of pedophilia,transgenderism and many other forms of twisted, perverse sexual behavior.


But the creation of green jobs, etc, in my opinion is secondary in nature and a cloak for the transfer of massive wealth into the hands of sexually perverse, powerful liberals, for the worldwide advancement of a more destructive, diabolical agenda.Creating skilled workers as a response to the anticipation of the possible future growth of green jobs, as those jobs are created,and the demand for workers to fill those jobs increases? Yes. But the transfer of massive wealth into the hands of radical, sexually perverse liberals? Absolutely not.In fact if you are wise and able to do it you should be working to dry up all their revenue sources as opposed to making them richer and wealthier.


The ratification of this and similar agreements in my opinion is part of a worldwide scheme to accomplish it.Not to mention using that wealth and power to procure more political power and influence.And the continued promotion of impending doom by the liberal media as a result of withdrawing from the agreement is baseless in fact.


The continued promotion of impending doom by the liberal media is designed in part, to make this a political issue in future elections, and presidential elections.It’s also been pointed out that hundreds of billions of dollars of funding delegated towards controlling man made climate change will be unaccounted for. I wonder who’s pockets that money will just vanish into?


And going along with the argument and supporting the theory to insure success in future elections will prove disastrous in the end, because you will in essence be relinquishing power and control to wealthy, radical liberals in positions of power.By allowing them to make this a campaign issue as a result of allowing them to continue to promote this as a serious threat to mankind. That deceptive,misleading narrative, needs to be countered.


If the climate is warming you can rest assured it’s probably by the hand of God as he’s setting the stage to do what he promised to do in terms of punishing the nations because of their sins through destructive weather events and not as a result of man made climate change.


When these predictions of destructive weather events begin to happen it will be by the hand of God because of the sins of nations, and not as a result of man made climate change.I emphasized years ago that the liberal media,the radical liberal left, and climate scientists would try to argue that man made climate change would be the cause, as a way to discredit God and his word and give credence to their predictions of impending doom. Thereby deceptively establishing their own credibility in regards to this issue and working to diminish God’s. But the bible predicted these destructive weather events would happen centuries before a climate scientist or meteorologist ever existed.So they can’t take credit for this.


If you want to  change the outcome change your moral position and direction, as it relates to the more serious and abominable sins.If God has purposed to punish a nation or nations for their sins, all the reduction in green house gas emissions and carbon footprints, wont matter one bit.His will is still going to be performed. The only way to insure your future survival is to heed his warnings and obey.


But the promotion of  man made climate change as something of extreme importance that needs to be urgently resolved, needs to be countered by honest, accurate, news reporting. One of the points used to argue for justification of ratification is the claim that over 90% of scientist are in agreement with the fact that the climate is warming, and that may be the case, but not as it relates catastrophic warming, but cyclical warming.


So when they claim over 90% of scientist are in agreement the climate is warming, in reality it’s in regards to the cyclical warming cycle of the planet. Which most scientist agree takes place and has taken place for hundreds and even thousands of years in cyclical periods as a natural occurrence and natural planetary function.But as it relates to catastrophic warming the truth of the matter is only around 47% of scientist believe that it’s warming in that context and most of those are government funded scientist.


The over 90% percent suggestion is a myth and is a result of several flawed studies. And that point and many other facts need to be emphasized as aggressively as the other.So the argument that it’s man made warming and the warming is tantamount to worldwide impending doom, is very deceptive and misleading in nature.


Because if not the liberal media will continue to unjustifiably engage in the promotion of mass hysteria. This is not about liberals concern for the climate,as much as it’s about the transfer of massive amounts of wealth,power and control, into the hands of wealthy, sexually perverse liberals, in positions of power.As they use the ratification of treaties like this as money and power grabs, for the advancement of a more destructive and diabolical agenda worldwide, I’m convinced.



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