Britain’s exit from the European Union in the eyes of many is signaling the collapse of the European Union.But in reality that’s not the case. The European Union is not on the verge of collapse, but is simply going through growing pangs. This was all prophesied to happen in the Bible, and when you properly interpret it, this is is clearly a sign of the E.U. morphing into the ten nation superstate it was prophesied to become, as opposed to it’s fall and collapse.


What most fail to realize is America and Britain’s national sins are fueling the change in world events, as almighty God raises up the E.U. to punish America and Britain and many other nations for their national sins. Sins that include the legalization of homosexual and lesbian marriage nationwide. The promotion of black magic and sorcery.


Mass murder in the form of abortion and violence all of which God views as abominations. Britain it was prophesied centuries ago, would not ultimately be apart of the E.U… Britain’s exit from the E.U. is just a sign of prophesy being fulfilled, and not necessarily a prelude or example of the fall and fracture of the E.U…. It’s prophesied that many other nations will follow Britain and exit the E.U. as well, until the E.U. is ultimately comprised of just ten nations.


That ten nation superstate, which will in all likely hood be led by an ultra right wing government, will eventually embark on an aggressive military campaign with goals of world domination. What you see is not the beginning of the fall of the E.U. but in the fact the rise of the Holy Roman Empire, the gradual but steady emergence and rise of the Fourth Reich.


Almighty God’s hand is behind the exit of Britain from the E.U. and it will be behind the exit of many other nations, until the E.U. is ultimately comprised of just ten nations. At which point God will use that ten nation combine to punish America,Britain and many other nations for their national sins.


Sins which were outlined previously in this article. Sins which greatly anger God and are considered abominations/repulsive in God’s eyes. In reality the E.U. is not fracturing but forming into a ten nation superstate, forming into the rod of God’s correction, to be used to punish sinful, defiant and hypocritical nations and peoples,courtesy of the hand of an enraged God.




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