Do you know there is a form of black exploitation that is going on today that is being fueled by talk shows that portray blacks and latino’s primarily in the most terrible way? These programs reach audiences of millions throughout the world. And whether people accept it or not, the images being displayed on many of these shows  fuel and  form many of the opinions that other countries and races have of blacks and  other minorities.


The way other nations view blacks  in many cases is being  created and cultivated by what they see on national television. Unfortunately most of the people that appear on these shows are ignorant pawns in this conspiracy that  is purposely done and carefully orchestrated to  distort the worlds view of blacks and minorities.


I believe many of the lie detector test that are performed on a number of these shows are biased and doctored to further fuel these misconceptions. I believe the Maury Povich show and other shows like it are doing more damage to the black race than any other shows on television and in my opinion should be boycotted.


Most of these talk shows seem to have jumped on the bandwagon to get ratings by presenting blacks and other minorities in the worse way possible. The Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows probably being the catalyst for the introduction of several other talk shows that misrepresent poor blacks, and  latinos, primarily and other minorities, as well as impoverished whites, who in many cases are viewed as undesirables to be cast away and portrayed in the most horrible fashion.  


These shows paint the false picture and create the false perception that all black, and poor  people, or the majority, are whores, sluts, liars, cheaters, thieves, violent, lazy, scheming, deadbeat dads, etc, by presenting a completely distorted view, and misrepresentation of the black race.


And I  must admit that the blind, clueless  pawns who represent only a small percentage of the black race  that appear on these shows,  who proudly, ignorantly  and happily display all there dirty laundry, only serve to reinforce those misconceptions.  


I must admit that most of the people featured on these talk shows make it very easy for the media to fuel those misconceptions worldwide. I believe the black race is being targeted for destruction and they are assisting the guilty parties by willingly going along with it through ignorance. 


The black community for sometime has been viewed as a roadblock  for homosexuals who have for years been working to further their twisted agenda because the black race for the most part has not been as readily accepting of that lifestyle.


But now,even black opposition to the movement is being gradually chipped away at, as many young and old blacks are participating, promoting, and engaging in the behavior themselves, as their wills are being gradually broken and their opposition being undermined.


As they are gradually brainwashed by corrupt, perverse religious leaders, and the pro gay, and gay  far left liberal media,through music and other forms of entertainment that are being used to accomplish it.


As  perverse men and women in positions of power and influence work to change the perception of this ungodly behavior through many media outlets music, movies, as well as false religion which has taken in many cases a more diplomatic approach to it, by being more compromising and accepting of the twisted behavior.



False gay ministers who are promoting the false doctrine of salvation by grace through faith only, which encourages and promotes rebellion and hate for the commandments and the word of God as a whole.


The theme is becoming more centered and based on inclusiveness for all lifestyles and behaviors, no matter how filthy and contrary to the word of God they are.Using love as a cloak and false religion and money as a tool to further this ungodly movement.



Continue to pay attention and observe as this false religion becomes more accepting and conforming to the worlds standards. It will ultimately begin to look nothing like true Bible based Christianity because it never was Christianity to begin with.


As it continues to conform, embrace, and accept lifestyles that are completely contrary to the word of God.  Satan’s influence  and power flourishes in perversion, confusion, desperation, and anarchy.He is the secret force behind it that is why he is working to make these twisted lifestyles appear wholesome and good.


Behaviors and lifestyles that when fully embraced create the  atmosphere and environment that his evil flourishes and grows in,.The Bible says that Satan comes as an angel of light, as a wolf in sheeps clothing, but he does not work solo he also has very committed and determined allies in the form of wicked, perverse, ungodly men and women in positions of power and leadership,who are working to assist him in accomplishing it Ephesians 6:12.


A races widespread acceptance of this sexual perversion results in deadly disease and that  races  inability to reproduce, no black or latino race to reproduce?.Along with many others  being killed, incarcerated, strung out on drugs, etc,  and  many of these self destructive behaviors being fueled and promoted through the media in the forms of  music and movies that promote murder, violence, drug dealing, sexual perversion etc, all designed to undermine societies .


Which eventually results in the extinction or destruction of  those particular races or peoples,  factor in mass imprisonment, mass murder, guns,drugs,violence of all forms,self hate, etc, and you have the perfect recipe for the gradual, subtle, but sure eradication of a race or races of people.


Beware of  and boycott  shows like the Maury Povich, Jeremy Kyle, and Bill Cunningham.Shows  and others like them as well as other forms of media  and media outlets like World Star Hip Hop that masquerade as platforms for  discussion,  or sources of truth to deal with social issues but who’s primary goal  quite possibly may be to  undermine and destroy a race of people, by willfully presenting distorted views and gross misrepresentation which  further fuels these stereotypes and misconceptions worldwide.


To the detriment of the black , latino, and poor white races as a whole. Their  view is if you don’t conform you must be destroyed, which is exactly what these perverse ungodly men  and women in positions of power are secretly working to accomplish. Click Here  for a small sample of what their intentions are for those that oppose them.



By Donald Bohanon